Fluttering Thoughts: Paul’s Dream by Rowan McBride

Paul’s Dream (Touching Fire #1)

  • By Rowan McBride
  • Editions: ebook
  • Published: October 1st 2007 by Liquid Silver Books
  • Genre: Adult MxM Paranormal / Romance
  • Source: NetGalley
  • Paul Graham is content with his life. An up-and-coming lawyer, he has no time to dwell on the mazes, puzzles, and riddles he solves while asleep. He has no interest in dreams, or anything that might derail his career.

    Until Kian shows up. Sensual, playful, he claims that Paul rescued him four years ago. Now he’s determined to repay him with the one thing he knows best: sex laced with … magic.
    Kian is unlike any man Paul has encountered. He won’t go away, for one. The fact that Paul doesn’t remember him doesn’t deter his mission of seduction in the least. But soon enough, Paul finds that this strange, carnal creature has the ability to melt his ice with a touch, to bring out a sweetness Paul didn’t even know he had.
    As Kian becomes a part of his life, Paul finds himself more and more attached. Forgotten dreams, buried memories, and the dangerous obsession of another conspire to tear them apart. Is he strong enough to endure a trial by fire in order to keep them together?
    ~ Goodreads

  • Bomy’s Flutter: smart plotted sweet-flavored romance

  • World Building: Awesome mix of contemporary and magic elements, we’re talking ‘creatures’ such as incubi, wizards, dream walkers. Awesome stuff.
    Characters: Paul was what I call a solid character, he had motives that were clear and made sense considering his past, his actions and reactions were believable and very real. I loved him, both his personality and the way he evolved. Kian was fun, playful yet had this sense of timelessness about him, he felt like a thousand years old but living in today’s world and he also made great sense to me, no out of character moments. Their chemistry was lovely, intense but not only based on physical attraction – there was a healthy emotional component to their relationship and I went “Awww!” a lot without find it overly sweet or too good to be true. Great relationship, intense one on one though not graphic (by my standards).
    Asher and Zakai were really awesome (and I want to read their story now!), and I really liked the nature of the villain here without liking him (which is rare), but I felt he was a good antagonist.
    Plot: The romance arc was touching, lovely and evolved in the slow burn type, even after the main couple actually got together. The outside-of-romance line of action was as interesting as the romance, and had me fully invested in what went on. I liked the story, I liked its rhythm and the way it was resolved.
    Writing: Third person narrative, it had a lovely tone, sort of a literary-like beauty but without being purple prose in any way. The characters had distinct voices, more visible in the Paul/Kian dialogue sequences but also when it included Zakai and/or Asher. (I’m dying to read their story, did I meantion that?)
    Curb Appeal: Compulsive buy material, real, real awesome cover, blurb hooked me. Have to say, when I first saw the cover up on NetGalley my thoughts were ‘I saw this somewhere, somehow, I wanted to read this and didn’t get to’ so I requested it immediately. Real glad I did xD

    All in all, this was a great read, beautiful character development, entertaining world and engaging action, sweet romance laced with passion, beautiful writing and an all-around delightful read. It was one of those close calls to a 5 butterflies, but in the end my enthusiasm wasn’t on the delirious level, more on the just maddeningly delighted, hence I stuck with the 4. A really, really good 4. I highly recommend it.


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