Fluttering thoughts: Kings of Ruin by Sam Cameron

Kings of Ruin

  • By Sam Cameron
  • Editions: paperback
  • Expected publication: March 19th 2013 by Bold Strokes Books
  • Genre: YA MxM Paranormal (or Sci-Fi-ish, not sure) / Romance
  • Source: NetGalley
  • Danny Kelly cares only for rock ‘n’ roll and fast cars. Too bad he’s stuck in the capital of country music and he’s banned from driving until he turns twenty-one. Plus he likes other boys, a secret that he’s vowed to keep until he graduates high school. When his stepdad’s new truck roars off on its own, Danny discovers a secret that is endangering cars and drivers across America. It almost kills Danny, too, until he’s saved by seventeen-year-old Kevin Clark. Kevin’s gay, handsome, and confident, but working with his dad’s secret government organization has left him lonely. It’s going to take a weekend of car chases, fiery explosions, and country-western singing to save the citizens of Nashville from certain death—but can Danny protect his heart and secrets as well?

    ~ Goodreads

  • Bomy’s Flutter: nice ya

  • World Building: Nashville mixes with aliens or paranormal entities (I’m not clear what these Ruins and Kings are) in a funny and intriguing way. The world of the story was cool but I would have liked to be a bit clearer on these Ruins – what are they, aliens, paranormals? What’s their deal?
    Characters: Danny was the confused high-schooler struggling to accept and embrace himself. He had a rough past that made me get very emotionally in tune with him and he had very realistic reactions. I liked him, he was fun and well developed. Kevin had a better grip on everything – his identity, he works with his dad in this secret program thing about the Ruins – and it was a nice balance to Danny’s confusion. They had some teen romance going on and there were two kisses, and that was pretty much it. Young adult romance is, well… underwhelming for me, as you guys know.
    Plot: A good blend of action, teen angst and self-discovery and a sprinkle of romance (romance-to-be maybe). I liked it, it was an alert story that kept me engaged but not enthusiastic. That’s something that happens a lot with YA stories for me, sadly.
    Writing: Lovely third person narrative from Danny’s POV most of the time but with some inserts from Kevin.
    Curb Appeal: Good presentation, gorgeous cover and good blurb. It wouldn’t be an impulsive buy necessarily but a strong candidate for a buy nonetheless.

    This has a lot of series potential but I’m not sure at this point if it’s meant to be a part of a series or not.
    All in all, this was a good story with young characters. If you’re into that and you’d like to read about two young adults doing a bit of growing up, then I say give this a try.


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