Review: First Time For Everything by Aimee Carson

First Time For Everything

  • By Aimee Carson
  • Editions: hardback, paperback
  • Expected publication: February 19th 2013 by Harlequin KISS
  • Genre: Adult Contemporary / Romance
  • Source: NetGalley
  • “So tell me, suit,” she said, as lightly as she could. “What exactly is a virgin supposed to act like?” Jacqueline’s new boss is none other than her friend’s older brother-hot-shot lawyer Blake Bennington. His control freakery and his need to always, always be right would normally send fiery, unconventional Jax running a mile-but even she has to admit he looks edible in his bespoke suit!

    She’s quickly realizing she’s way out of her depth…but with this contained, experienced guy, trying to get him to lose his cool is just a little too tempting….
    ~ Goodreads

  • Bomy’s Flutter: super fun, hot and sweet

  • This was my first read of a Harlequin Kiss and I’ve gotta say it was a mighty good start.
    The combo of that cover and that blurb had me instantly wanting to read this, absolutely and without a doubt. The curb appeal of this book was insanity, this would be a definite and absolute compulsive buy.

    Jax and Blake were an awesome couple, all salt and pepper and rich in humor both on their own and together. They had awesome, awesome chemistry and the way they interacted had me riveted, it was that good.
    There’s an age difference between the characters, Blake is thirty-something while Jax is twenty-something, and I’ll admit openly that the hotshot ‘suit’ and the spunky free spirited woman combo is one of my most loved scenarios.
    Their relationship went through all phases, fascination, flirting, yearning, burning hot, deepening and evolving, and the effect each had on the other was lovely. I felt they evolved and grew beautifully together. The one on one was adult and it had great fire to it, but it wasn’t the explicit kind. I might have enjoyed that more, hehe, Blake had that smoldering hotness vibe going on.

    I loved the tone of writing, third person narrative from his and her POV as we’re used to, but they each had their own distinctive voice, and did I mention I loved their humor? The story evolved nicely, it had a good pace and it had this little surprise down the line but delivered a happy ending that I really liked.
    I’ll admit I’m more into twisted relationships then clear fluffy love, but these characters had my full attention and I loved them and their story.

    All in all this was a fun read, playful, romantic, sweet and a treat. If you’re into contemporary romance and love the fluffier side of happily ever afters that still pack some punch, I say you’ve got to try this.


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