Review: Temping Is Hell by Cathy Yardley

Temping Is Hell (Necessary Evil #1)

  • By Cathy Yardley
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: January 2013 by Entangled Select
  • Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy / Romance
  • Source: NetGalley

    Kate O’Hara can’t wait until this temp assignment is over. The woman who hired her is a psychotic pageant queen, her coworkers are convicts-turned-clerks, and it’s so boringly corporate it makes her skin crawl. Even her sexy-as-sin boss, famed billionaire Thomas Kestrel, isn’t enticement enough to keep her there. Once she makes enough to pay off her bills, she’s out. Or so she thinks…


    Next thing she knows, she’s accidentally signed over her soul. Literally. And she’s discovered Thomas’s real mission: to kill thirteen bad guys in one year, in order to get his—now his and Kate’s—souls back.


    From learning to boost the morale of some paper-pushing demons to navigating her way through blood-red tape, Kate has to work closely with her super-hot supervisor and get her flaky act together, before somebody clocks her out—p permanently!
    ~ Goodreads

  • Bomy’s Flutter: funny and well written

  • Cathy Yardley is a terrific writer. Her prose flows beautifully and her dialogue is authentic, not to mention she has a great sense of humor and her characters fully display it to my utter delight. There’s no doubt in my mind that I would enjoy whatever she’d write just because her writing style is so in tune with everything I love. Why the 3 butterflies rating then? I was torn between a 3 and a 4, but it just didn’t make it all the way to 3.5 so I went with the 3 after all.

    I loved the world building. It was a good blend of urban setting and paranormal elements, demons and contract for souls and all. The paranormal element wasn’t as strong as in other UF-s but it was convincing and well integrated.
    The premise of Temping Is Hell is genius, I think. It appeals to everyone who worked at least two days, we’ve got it all: the neurotic zlut-like boss lady, the uber-rich top Bossman, impossible projects that need getting done like yesterday, sort of controlled chaos and some ‘act busy’ time to fill the day. Feindish was a setting that had a life of its own, it felt 100% real and made perfect (non)sense in a corporate world. Can you tell how much of a fan I am of that kind of environment? I guess there’s a bit of Kate in many of us, I know for sure I have a healthy dose. But anyway, moving on.

    Kate O’Hara (nice choice for a name, btw) was a fascinating female protagonist. If there are books out there that play favorite for their protagonists, this is one that plays ‘whack-the-MC’ all the time from start to finish, pretty much. I’m the evil reader, I love tortured characters as you know, but to me this was just a bit too much – this is a personal thing though. I loved Kate, empathized with her, laughed a lot of the time because she was just that charming.
    Bossman Thomas was interesting as well. He had more of an inner conflict flair to him then Kate, and I’m a fan of that so I think I found him more intriguing though less likable on a personal level. Where Kate was all wit and sharp sense of humor, he was more manipulative and all over the place – almost at the same time. It’s hard to be both, but he managed it somehow. He was well built, just as Kate.
    Their romance arc was interesting, that kind of opposites attract sort of vibe to them. Awesome chemistry, and their one on one time was pretty hot-looking though we weren’t included in the actual action there.
    Other characters were intriguing, Prue and Yagi for example. The villain area was less covered, and that’s one of my favorite ones. Maggie wasn’t convincing to me as a villain, more like a pest. Bimbos never make good villains for me, maybe that’s discrimination or whatever but there it is nonetheless. Cyril Roman had some potential, but he wasn’t too involved and when he was he felt more sporadic in presence then focused on. I would have liked a strong villain to balance Kate’s magnitude, I think. But then again I would, I like villains more then protagonists as types go.

    Action outside the romance arc was very active. Too active for my tastes, but as you guys know I’m never keen on action to begin with, I like character a lot more. This was one of those cases where there was just a bit too much going on for me. Like every page there’d be a new twist and this new tangent of Kate being dealt a sucky hand. I’m exaggerating but it felt that active. It became a bit too much somewhere along the line, I like not too agitated action and more dramatic scenes then the overall sense of permanent Brownian motion. But this is, as many others, a personal thing. If you’re into very active action you’ll love this aspect as well as the others.

    As far as curb appeal goes, this was clear win material. The cover is smart, the blurb is super intriguing and the book is instant buy material for sure.

    All in all, Temping Is Hell is the great beginning to a very promising series. I totally recommend it, it’s fabulous writing, charismatic characters and lots and lots of action so I think you’ll love it to bits.


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