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Wicked Lies (Dark Mission #4.5)

  • By Karina Cooper
  • Editions: ebook
  • Published: March 5th 2013 by Avon Impulse
  • Genre: Adult MxM Paranormal / Romance {Avon’s FIRST MxM, let’s show some love!!}
  • Source: Edelweiss
  • Jonas Stone has been given his first independent operation: rescue the insurrection leader’s imprisoned grandson from the Mission. Getting the job done means more than getting Danny Granger out-it means staying with him while he heals. Staying too close, for way too long.

    Danny is everything Jonas isn’t: confident, optimistic, honest–a man to be reckoned with. If only it didn’t mean going against everything Jonas has planned. He’s kept his secrets for years, hid behind a mask no one could see through…until now. Danny isn’t the kind of man Jonas deserves. But he might be exactly the man he needs…

    ~ Bewitching BT

  • Bomy’s Flutter: touching, hot and fast-paced

  • World Building: Awesome mix of paranormal and paramilitary-type of setting, it gets adrenaline pumping on all sorts of accounts. 😀
    Characters: Jonas and Danny were easy to love and they felt very real. They were both very charismatic and had awesome chemistry. Every emotion they had jumped from the page and bit at my heart, I loved them separately and as a couple. Their one on one was hot, intense but had also feeling. Loved them.
    Plot: Active, action packed and tense. The romance arc was great, a lot of tension there as well. Yummy quickie read, if you’ll pardon my French.
    Writing: Third person narrative from both main couple characters. I loved their voices and action scenes were super-full of tension.
    Curb Appeal: My first response to this was “This must be showed endless love and encouraged!”, and that was without taking into consideration the awesome cover or the hooking blurb. Compulsive buy material, for the win.

    I particularly loved Wicked Lies because it had a beautiful dedication and a beautiful Author’s Note at the end, basically saying “It gets better!” – I applaud her message as well as her awesome skills. So I’m applauding Avon Impulse on this release, and I generally don’t applaud publishers. But this time I am, and I hope you will too.

    Wicked Lies: Love and Conflict

    by Karina Cooper

    I find that I have trouble with timelines. In the Dark Mission books, things start hard and fast with Blood of the Wicked, and then only get more dangerous from there. If I had my way, I’d write all of the books with less than a month between each of them, never giving my poor, harried characters a break from the uncertainty that is war.

    But life doesn’t always move so fast, and some things—like the slow build to inevitable disaster—are best served over time.

    When I was trying to place Wicked Lies in the timeline, I had to take into account how much time I wanted to pass between the fourth in the series, Sacrifice the Wicked, and the final, One for the Wicked. What could I possibly do to these poor men in the space of a few days?

    Love is a tricky concept, and I find that as readers, we are naturally skeptical—perhaps “realistic”?—of relationships that evolve over the course of a couple days. The struggle was how to justify budding feelings of romance with the realities of danger, mayhem, and the odds that two strangers might just like each other enough to give it a go.

    I couldn’t decide. In the end, I opted to compromise: Danny, my optimistic hero with fire and charm and energy to spare, seemed much more likely to fall head over heels rather quickly. Jonas, much more stable, cautious and definitely a little bit afraid, didn’t seem the type. He’d take it slow, give himself a thousand reasons to back out, use every bit of time he had to sniff out the problems—and then use those as an excuse to back out.

    Which is why, when it comes time for the classic romantic big L-word revelation, only one of them actually says it. The other?

    Well, you’ll have to see how that plays out. Because war waits for no man to figure his heart out, One for the Wicked will revisit our boys and see how they’re getting on when there’s one crisis after another to contend with. Does love have a shot in the middle of chaos?

    What do you think? Do you see a love born in conflict as one doomed to failure? Or do you think Danny and Jonas can stick it out long enough o see a happily ever after?

    The DARK MISSION series so far….

    The streets of New Seattle have become a battleground between the Holy Order’s agents and the witches persecuted in the name of “keeping of the peace”. Battle-lines are shifting, good and evil not nearly so clear-cut as witches and rogue hunters have banded together in an uncertain alliance with rebels determined to peel back layers of conspiracy that go back decades before the cataclysm that changed the world forever. The Order has made its move, overthrowing the city government in a bloody coup, and present-viewer Jessie, ex-hunter Silas, newly minted witch Naomi, the felon Phin Clarke, seer Caleb and genetically enhanced witch Juliet are suddenly thrown together with the displaced Mission Director Parker Adams and Simon, a double-agent whose witch genes are slowly killing him. The rebels need to gain some ground, get back their imprisoned people, or this will be the shortest rebellion in history.

    About the Author & Links:

    Born from the genetic mash-up of lesser royalty, storytellers, wanderers and dreamers, KARINA COOPER was destined to be a creative genius. As a child, she moved all over the country like some kind of waifish blonde gypsy and thrived in the new cultures her family settled in. When she (finally) grew up, she skipped the whole genius part and fell in love with writing because, really, who doesn’t love making things up for a living?

    One part romance fanatic, one part total dork, and all imagination, she writes dark and sexy paranormal romance and urban fantasy. When she isn’t writing, Karina is an airship captain’s wife and Steampunk fashionista. She lives in the beautiful and rainy Pacific Northwest with a husband, four cats, two rabbits, the fantasy of a dog, and a passel of adopted gamer geeks.

    Website | Publisher’s Author Page | Twitter | Goodreads


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