Guest Post: Silver Hollow Playlist by Jennifer Silverwood + Giveaway

Silver Hollow

  • By Jennifer Silverwood
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: November 9th 2012 by SilverWoodSketches
  • Genre: New Adult Paranormal / Romance
  • Amie Wentworth writes paranormal romances, not because she is looking for a degree in ectoplasm, but because she’s got bills to pay. Ever since her parents’ car crash, she has been led a reclusive life and trusted books more than people. Not even a letter from her long-lost uncle, begging her to visit, gives Amie incentive for anything other than ire – until she is stabbed in an alley and brought back to life by a mysterious stranger.

    After crossing the Atlantic to her father’s homeland, Amie is dragged into the very sort of tale she is used to selling. Silver Hollow is a place of ancient traditions and supernatural dangers, where everything is the opposite of what it seems and few escape sane.
    To make matters worse, the man who saved her life keeps turning up and her would-be-murderer is still at large.

    But when she comes face to face with the ugly truth, will she too be sucked into her father’s madness? Or will she discover that madness is just another name for honesty?

    ~ Bewitching BT

    Silver Hollow Playlist

    by Jennifer Silverwood

    I might have to agree that every author has a playlist for their books. Sometimes I like using music & lyrics to help get inspiration for certain scenes. Stay required a lot of that, but that’s another story. While some prefer music with words, for Silver Hollow, it was all soundtracks for me. Here’s a sampling of a much longer playlist. Listed are the official song name, soundtrack and composer, and in parenthesis are the scenes I saw in my head while listening to them.
    1. “To the Boys”-Legends of the Fall-James Horner (The War of 1812 novel theme)
    2. “The Question”-Meet Joe Black-Thomas Newman (obviously, when Amie is going over the letters.
    3. “First Taste”-True Blood-Nathan Barr (The moment Amie is attacked in the back alley and brought back to life.)
    4. “Full Moon”-New Moon-Alexandre Desplat (Amie’s journey to Wenderdowne, starting from the moment Henry writes to “Trust no one.”
    5. “The Wardrobe”-Narnia:LW&W-Harry Gregson-Williams (Slaine’s Theme)
    6. “Milk & Cookies”-Secret of Moonacre-Christian Henson (Underhill’s Introduction)
    7. “End Titles”-Snow Falling on Cedars-James Newton Howard (Silver Hollow Theme)
    8. “River Waltz”-The Painted Veil-Lang Lang (Henry & Amie’s Theme)
    9. “Sanctuary”-Snow White & the Huntsman-James Newton Howard (Amie’s Theme)
    10. “Winterfell”-Game of Thrones-Ramin Djawadi (Emrys)
    11. “Journey To Fenland”-Snow White & the Huntsman-James Newton Howard (Emrys’s Lessons)
    12. “Can I Hold You How?”-Snow Falling On Cedars-James Newton Howard (Dearg & Amie’s Theme)
    13. “River Waltz-Orchestra”-The Painted Veil-Alexandre Desplat (The Ball)
    14. “Courtyard Apocalypse”-HP&theDeathly Hallows-Alexandre Desplat (The Attack and defense of Wenderdowne)
    15. “Denoument”-Atonement-Dario Marianelli (“Goodbye Father”)
    16. “Sea Horses”-Secret of Moonacre-Christian Henson (Ending the Curse)
    17. “I Remember That Trick”-Snow White & the Huntsman-James Newton Howard (Final Confrontation)
    18. “Things Are Changing In Storybrooke”-Once Upon A Time-Mark Isham (Epilogue)
    If you don’t listen to soundtracks much, then a lot of this probably didn’t mean much to you. So I hope you take a gander and try sampling them yourself wherever you buy/share your music. Enjoy!

    Jennifer is also offering a short free read – Masque by Jennifer Silverwood. Check it out on ScribD!

    About the Author & Links:

    Jennifer Silverwood was raised deep in the heart of Texas and has been spinning yarns a mile high since childhood. In her spare time she reads and writes and tries to sustain her wanderlust, whether it’s the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, the highlands of Ecuador or a road trip to the next town.
    After attending three different universities without managing to square a degree, she decided to the next logical thing; become a writer. Always on the lookout for her next adventure, in print or reality, she dreams of one day proving to the masses that everything really is better in Texas.
    She is the author of the Heaven’s Edge series and Silver Hollow.

    Website | Blog | Twitter | Tumblr | Facebook | Goodreads


    9 thoughts on “Guest Post: Silver Hollow Playlist by Jennifer Silverwood + Giveaway

    1. Kirsten!

      I’ve barely heard of any of these songs, but since the few I HAVE heard of are awesome, I’ll definitely have to check the rest out. Thanks for the suggestions and this looks great 😀

      1. Jennifer Silverwood

        Hey Kirsten! So glad you’ve actually heard of a few of them lol. Most people aren’t really aware of soundtrack music. It’s just so much easier for me to concentrate with when writing. 🙂 Hope you check the rest out and the world of Wenderdowne soon 🙂

      1. Jennifer Silverwood

        If you like music without words you’ll love these. Totally changed the way I watched these movies, too, because now I see scenes from my books half the time lol. Hope to see you in Wenderdowne soon!


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