Guest Post: TOP TEN LIST OF WHY I WISH I WERE A FAERIE by Kathleem Allen, author of War of Fei + Giveaway

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War of Fei (Lore of Fei #2)

  • By Kathleen S. Allen
  • Editions: ebook
  • Published: February 2013 by Muse It Up Publishing
  • Genre: YA Fantasy
  • The faeries are ready to declare war on the humans who threaten to take away Fei, the land of the faeries. They enlist the help of the elves who do not trust either the faeries or the humans.
    The cost of war almost proves too much for the faeries as more and more of them are lost in battle.
    Will it be enough to win their hard-earned freedom or will the battle be lost forever?

    ~ Bewitching BT

    I got up to study the maps and fingered Glador’s map to the north. The land of the forgotten elves and where the faeries from Fei escaped. It happened when the humans began swarming into Fei, taking over the land. Rion, the faerie with whom I joined, had traveled to Glador soon after Cwicseolfor had been born, in order to ascertain how many elves would be fighting against the humans now living in Fei. Rew, Rion’s brother, went with him and so did their father, Rhyn. They flew on our dragons, Bura and Ori. Tashie, my dragon, stayed behind in case I needed her and to nurture her own baby, Shri, who recently hatched.


    by Kathleem Allen

    10. They have wings. I mean, who doesn’t want to fly? Wouldn’t it be nice to flit around your house instead of walking? Or doing errands around town? Or going to work? Or well, anything?
    9. They have glamour. This would come in handy when I want to disguise my bad hair days. I could put a glamour on my hair and presto-change-o I’d have long, luscious, flowing locks the envy of all. Red ones, of course. Heck, while I’m at it, I might as well use glamour to make myself taller too.
    8. They know how to use a bow and arrow. Well, at least my faeries do. I know this is more of an elf thing but my main character faerie, Ariela learns that she has an innate talent for archery. I want that talent too. The one time I shot an arrow with a bow, I pulled my shoulder and had to ice it for days. Plus the arrow didn’t go anywhere near the target. In fact, they may still be looking for it in the field.
    7. They can use their faerie talents in ways I can’t. For example, Ariela can heal with herbs. Something I’ve always wanted to be able to do. My luck I’d pick a flower, try to eat it and it would be full of bugs. Eww.
    6. The sixth reason I’d want to be a faerie is because they know how to sing and sing well. In fact their singing is so good it surpasses even the best human singers. This is a talent I want to have.
    5. The fifth reason I want to be a faerie is because they live in England or at least in the UK. I want to live in a stone cottage in England too. Mine wouldn’t be in the woods though, mine would be on the coast.
    4. The fourth reason I’d want to be a faerie is because they have unicorns called ino’s. They speak. Unicorns that talk. How cool is that?
    3. The third reason I’d want to be a faerie is because of feight. It sounds a lot like coffee and I love coffee.
    2. They have boy faeries with wings. Enough said.
    1. And the number one reason I want to be a faerie is because they ride dragons! Ever since I read Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey. I’ve wanted my own dragon. I don’t think I would mind feeding it raw meat either. I want a baby one to start with so I can train it. If I can’t have faerie wings then I think I should have a dragon, right?

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    Kathleen has been writing since she was eight years old in one fashion or the other. She has had poems, short stories and novels published. She writes in different genres but YA is her favorite.

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