Hoppity Hop Galore #29: Outdoors reading

Activity! Hopefully warm weather for most of us is here soon…so tell us about your favorite outdoor reading spot. Or take a picture.

Ok, don’t laugh but prepare to be seriously underwhelmed. I never read outdoors. I live in an apartment building in the city so I’d have to go to a park or something to do outdoors reading, and parks are sort of few (though big and beautiful, I admit) and crawling with shouting kids, loud people in general and just, ugggh, crowds, swarms of people moving about or selling stuff. Can you pick up on my levels of enthusiasm?
If I have to go somewhere out of town for whatever reason, I’ll be reading wherever it’s quiet and I’m not likely to be disturbed. I hate being disturbed when I read. I often listen to classical music when I read, too. So reading with headphones in doesn’t seem like a good thing to be outdoors, lol. If I had a backyard or something, that might be different. But I don’t have one, so I don’t do outdoors reading unless I’m forced to be outdoors, haha.
When I do outdoors it’s a walk or something, and I’m focusing on what’s around me. Then it’s over, I feel refreshed and all nice, I go back home and relax with some reading and classical music. Yes, I am very, very, very much so a creature of habit at the tender age of (almost) 26. People tend to say I’m waaaaaaaay older then my biological years, lol.

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