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Armchair BEA: The Ethics of Book Blogging & Non-Fiction

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( Sticker Design credit: Nina of Nina Reads)The Ethics of Book BloggingThis is a topic I've been giving a lot of thought to. I see many aspects having to do with ethics, from plagiarism and your Policy to disclosure of source of books reviewed to disclosure of relationships with the author/publisher if a relevant one is there.~ Plagiarism ~I'm starting with this one because it's a personal issue I have; I wasn't plagiarized in the blogging world (or I don't know about it, lol!), but I did run into this particular brand of theft while I was in Read more [...]

Cover Reveal: Angelstone by Hanna Peach

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Angelstone (Dark Angel #2)By Hanna PeachEditions: ebookExpected publication: May 31st 2013Genre: YA Urban Fantasy / ParanormalAfter escaping from the Hollows and the Michaelea lightwarriors, Jordan takes Alyx and Israel to Aradale, a secret Rogue community, where they appear to be safe − for now. But did they bring the enemy with them? “Mini”, the strange and speechless young girl they rescued from the Hollows, is not as she seems. Why was Elder Michael keeping her locked up? What is she hiding?Alyx and Israel are driven further apart as Israel Read more [...]

Armchair BEA: Literary Fiction

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( Sticker Design credit: Nina of Nina Reads)Literary FictionThis is a cool topic. Many of the classics I've listed for the previous topic are literary works - where I am, when you say classic you say literary, and I don't know if I've ever heard the term used for anything else. This is a cultural thing, meaning current use of words differ from cultural area to cultural area (yes, my Sociology is showing, lol!). So basically, to me they're pretty much the same thing. There is a certain elitist current that equals 'commercial' to simple, accessible Read more [...]

Guest Vlog: Butterflies by Sandy Wolters + Excerpt: Soul Mates + Giveaway

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Soul MatesBy Sandy WoltersEditions: ebook, paperbackPublished: April 6th 2013Genre: Adult Paranormal / Romance / Time TravelPulled Back Through Time, Shandelle Is Caught Between An Enduring Love And A Wizard’s Magic.In the beginning of time, one soul splits into two. Lifetime after lifetime, the two souls are reborn and seek to reunite. Like a beacon of light from heaven above, their light shines for each other. Without the other, there is only darkness. A wonderful blessing that can only come from a deeply-bonded love, the sharing of one soul Read more [...]

Armchair BEA: The Blogger’s Path & Genre Fiction

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( Sticker Design credit: Nina of Nina Reads)Yeeey! Day 2 of Armchair BEA! I'm totally geeking over this. I mean, it's a lot of people who get together to talk bookish for a week! With a schedule! With plans and an agenda of daily discussions! My OCD-happiness levels are running high right now xD But let's get into today's awesomesauce.The Blogger's PathThe first thing I'll say on the topic of developing your blogger path is you should always be true to yourself along it. It sounds like a no-brainer probably, but the thing is it's easy to get caught Read more [...]

Armchair BEA: Introductions and Classics Love

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( Sticker Design credit: Nina of Nina Reads)Yeeey! It's finally here, the awesome Armchair BEA!! Day 1 is introductions, pretty much, so let me introduce myself...1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging?Hey! My name is Livia and I've been book blogging since March 2011. What got me into blogging is my love of books and utter need to spamificate someone about it, lol. Seen as though I don't have lots of immediate victims around, I thought I'd go vritual xD2. Where Read more [...]