Fluttering Thoughts: Trinkets And Arrows by C.L. Stegall

Trinkets And Arrows (The Progeny novelette)

  • By C.L. Stegall
  • Editions: ebook
  • Published: Published June 19th 2011 by Dark Red Press
  • Genre: YA Paranormal / Mythology
  • Source: review copy
  • Life is not simple for Lily Abrams, a seventeen year old thief living in Encino. When her reputation derails her living arrangements, she knows what she has to do. She takes a job to steal a bag of rare coins from a suburban home, unaware of the danger lying within. Secrets as old as Ancient Greece are kept hidden in the middle of Los Angeles. After Lily crosses the wrong man, stealing his prized belongings, she makes a deadly enemy and pays the price. Rescued from death by none other than the actual Greek god, Apollo, Lily is manipulated into making an unbreakable deal with a god. He will teach her everything she needs to know about who she is, and what she is capable of; but, first, she must face a vengeful enemy.

    ~ Goodreads

  • Bomy’s Flutter: alert and kickass

  • Worldbuilding: The demigods world from The Weight of Night is a fun one, with mythological elements and lots of intrigue.
    Characters: I liked Lily – the MC. She was very independent, strong, resourceful and a survivor through and through. She was fun to read about.
    Plot: We’re talking about a short read, like short story kinna deal, so the story is very compact. There’s a lot of action, pretty much all of it is a sequence of fighting scenes and hints at the awesome world of the series. If you’re into action, this is for you. I’m less and less for this kind of action, I find, so I wasn’t personally too into it.
    Writing: First person narrative from Lily’s POV with a nice flow. On a personal level, I might have found Lily’s voice somewhat too mature as far as language use goes. I don’t mean cussing or some such, I mean the way she worded her thoughts and things seen through her eyes. I would have expected a more teenagerish language, you know what I mean?
    Curb Appeal: Gorgeous cover and the blurb is hooking. I’d probably go impulsive-buy on it just for the awesomeness of the redhead 😀

    All in all, this was a fun short read. If you’re into action and fighting scenes, this is definitely a good one.


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