Drayling by Terry J. Newman


  • By Terry J. Newman
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: March 1st 2011 by Indepenpress Publishing
  • Genre: Adult Futuristic / Drama
  • Twenty-fifth century Drayling, and Britain as a whole, has benefited greatly from advances in technology and medical science, and life in the Graves’ household, and in those of their friends and colleagues, is secure, clear and very content. The desire and need for clarity, truth and order has motivated communities to live in harmony, abandoning any potentially controversial aspects or ways of life, including all religions, in favour of a modern civilised society that upholds order, simplicity, honesty, love and honour as its ideals. However, the death of the Premier brings a significant shift in approach – which forces a small group of ordinary people to conclude that they have no alternative but to take radical action to protect their way of life.
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    ” As it hadn‟t rained for a few days, the ground was dry and quite hard. This meant that progress was slow and not a little tiring. They established a rota of “two on and one off,” whereby they each worked for ten minutes and rested for five in every quarter of an hour.
    They‟d been toiling for over two hours when Stin, who was having his rest turn, suddenly hissed, “Stop digging!”
    Hayden and Marius froze. Had they been discovered? They looked up at the silhouette of Stin against the sky.
    “Listen!” he breathed.
    They listened.
    In the still of the night, they could just detect a low, steady hum.
    “What is it?” queried Marius.
    “Do as I say, and don‟t ask questions,” demanded Stin, in a low and even voice. “Drop the tools and get out of the hole slowly and carefully. I‟ll explain it to you in a moment.”
    The urgency in his voice was sufficient to make them do as he asked.
    When they were standing beside the hole, he held out his IDS and whispered, “Look at this.”
    The screen was flashing “IMMINENT DANGER.” ”

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    The author lives with his wife in Sussex (England). He is a member of English Heritage, The National Trust, Brighton & Hove Albion Supporters’ Club and Mensa



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