Hoppity Hop Galore #37: I’ve learned that…

Q: Share something you’ve learned about book blogging or just blogging in general in the last month.

Well, from Parajunkee’s sad experience I learned you need to do your best to prevent security threats, though if you ask me you can never be 100% safe from someone’s malicious intent.

Also, since I moved from Blogger I learned that the monthly views might have been not that far off via the Blogger’s Stats actually, I mean they were sort of off but not as monumentally as I might have thought. The new visits increased substantially since the move which enforced my prior thought on how much SEO you can do via Blogger and how much you can do via self-hosted WordPress – the answer is, by doing more or less the same I’m seeing much better results here. I’m also loving all the freedom I have, all the cool shiny toys I can play with here.

Also, I didn’t mention it before, but while I was on Blogger I found clone blogs of my entire content riddled with ads twice. Yes, you read that right, twice! They’d gone the whole nine yards too, copied my entire content since I’d began blogging. Whole blog clones, that I reported to Google and one of them was taken down because it was in Blogger, but the other was self-hosted so it couldn’t be taken down. It does however redirect to my new domain now which makes me think there was sadly something in the theme’s code I was using that allowed the clone, there’s no other real reason for the clone to redirect to this domain otherwise.

So, the second lesson after trying for as good security as you can, was if you’re serious about blogging and especially if you have more than one blog going (I have this one, the design one, and three author ones basically), you need to get serious about it and host your own platforms instead of trying to have them for free. Because free, however good it might be for a while there, might end up being worth exactly what you’ve paid for it I’m sad to say.

Of course, I know lots of blogs on Blogger that don’t have issues and have been running for years seemingly without issue. But then I know those that had their blogs abusively marked as spam, or cloned like mine was – which is something you might be a victim of without knowing, I tend to Google my blog now and then and that’s how I found the clones, but had I not, they could have gone on to clone me indefinitely. Fun, ain’t it? I decided the cost of the hosting and the new domain was worth my peace of mind, so I finally went and did it, after debating with myself on whether or not I should make the jump. I did, and I’m thrilled so far. So the last lesson was, I guess, listen to your instincts. Deep down inside, you know what you have to do for yourself and your passions or interests, so do it 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Hoppity Hop Galore #37: I’ve learned that…

  1. becalora2013

    Oh love of my life, my Leo…you have just terrified me into wanting to buy my domain. I’m going to be checking that out. I love you and miss you.

    I would be in tears if someone cloned or screwed with my blog. And we both know I’m paranoid already.

    I hope you are doing well and that your projects are still doing fabulously:)

    Love, Bec

    Here’s my FF if you feel like stopping by. 🙂

    1. Livia Post author

      I know, right? To see years of your blogging just stolen like that just breaks your heart. But it very well might not happen to you, who knows? It was a tough decision to make for me, but in the end moving was the best thing to do.

      I’m doing okay, though this damned summer just won’t give us a break. Thanks a lot honey, hope you’re doing good too!

      Hugs & lots’a Luff!

  2. sarah c.

    I dont think i can be a blogger.. everything i read and see on them and how it goes sounds too technology challenged for me.. sad to say it took me a year to find out i was entering giveaways incorrectly- i just recently found out.. so i will just stick to following them 🙂 congrats on not having any problems with your blog * knocks on wood*..

    1. Livia Post author

      Thanks, Sarah! Let’s hope it’s gonna stay problem-free, right? xD

      I was a reader/follower-only for years, so I totally get what you mean. The point is to have fun do what we like, right? 🙂 Sorry to hear you were entering giveaways incorrectly, it means you were losing your chances at winning 🙁

  3. Charlotte

    I totally love your post. It’s not just about SEO and security that I decided to move to WP. It’s also about truly owning your contents. With blogger, everything is so uncertain. *sighs*

    Following you back on Bloglovin. New follower on twitter.

    1. Livia Post author

      Oh, yeah, owning your stuff is a definite must! If you can afford a self-hosted WP, it’s the best way IMO. 🙂


  4. Lizzy

    Clone blog! OMG, I’d totally flip if that happened to me.

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed WordPress thus far. I’m happy that I started with it instead of Blogger cause all those things on Blogger really scare me.


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