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Hey guys!
This is the first Book-o-Sphere Flutter of 2014, yey! I’m going to be a little selfish & use it for the blog. I’ve been thinking about this for a few months, what with my trials at writing taking more and more time, I’ve been getting bouts of guilt about not being able to respond to Review Requests as positively as I used to some time ago.

When I first started this blog in 2011, I was intensely promoting ebooks and indie authors and focusing on them. As time went by, it became more of an all’round focus on Romance and some YA, pretty much. Now, with my limited time, the indie equality of chance at reviews part is getting dimmer and dimmer since I simply don’t have enough time to read as I used to. When I do have some time, I’m more likely to read titles I’ve had my eye on rather than those that might be submitted for review. This has been, after all, a one gal show since the blog first started.

So I thought maybe someone out there would like to join Butterfly-o-Meter Books and be one of the blog’s butterflies?

Butterfly Team – contributors to the blog who get to read their choice of submissions from the review requests we receive; it can be a book that’s part of a tour, PR campaign, ARC, or review copy submitted by someone, or review copies they’ve gotten themselves via their own means.

If there are more of you wanting to join the Butterfly Team, I can totally work with that and would be thoroughly delighted! I’m thinking a max of like 5 butterflies would be spectacular, and if there are more applicants than that, then I’ll contact you about the expansion of the team in the future.

Since I’m a geek for lists, I’m gonna just put up a pros list for becoming a part of the Butterfly Team of this blog.


1. You get to read awesome titles in the genre you love, titles submitted for review here at Butterfly-o-Meter Books & post your thoughts here! It can be a review article or a ‘fluttering thoughts’ type of review, focusing on the main 5 points of the book.
2. You get your own Team Butterfly custom character done by me, that you can use on other blogs/social media spots if you’d like. If you’re committed to being part of the team, your character will go up there in the blog header alongside mine 😀
3. Each one of your reviews will feature your Twitter/Facebook/website/blog links & bio, and a list of recent posts here on the blog.
4. You’ll get your own graphic for a feature, if you’re in the mood for it. If you like to read one genre only (YA, NA, LGBT, PNR, UF, Contemp, Horror, Suspense, etc ), for instance, or if you’d like to read indies only or something like that, we’ll make a feature of it with your name on it! It would be spectacular even if the genre you love to read isn’t one I’m currently taking, we’ll get to expand the list of genres we accept and I’m sure it will thrill readers/authors 😀
5. You don’t have to deal with the stress of running a blog all day, every day! Let me deal with that, I’ll keep steering our Butterfly from flower to flower 😀 All you have to do is enjoy the reads and writing your thoughts on them. In fact, if you don’t wanna deal with the hassle of writing the post yourself, I’ll even do it for you from your contributor account here on the blog. Just write your thoughts in a word document and send it to me, and we’ll make that work.

I’m not asking for exclusivity here, lovelies. If you run your own blog, but would like to be part of the Butterfly Team once a week or something on the blog here, that’s perfectly cool! Just don’t double post the content from your blog or the one you’re contributing with here, it serves no one 🙂
But if you’d like to commit to the Butterfly, lol, I need you to take it seriously. We’re all as good as our word is, so while I’ll do my best to make this fun, I do take it very seriously and I’d like you to do so too. No dissappearing act, no breaching of the book blogger’s ethics code, and no attacks on anything/anyone. Your voice is your own, but please be tolerant, considerate and respectful of everyone, that’s the Butterfly’s motto.

So, any takers? Email for details, or if you have questions, or if you’d like to become part of the Butterfly dream team! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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