Hoppity Hop Galore #39: Outdoors reading? Not so much…

Activity: Spring is in the air! Show off yoru favorite outdoors reading spot. If you don’t go outside…well where else do you read that isn’t inside your house? We want pics!

I live in an apartment building smack in the middle of the city, pretty much. To be totally correct, one street away from what’s considered the “smack middle”, lol. That means there’s a whole lot of asphalt and concrete going on, and veeeeery little green spots. Also very few benches.
There’s this one bench, like 1 minute away from my building, has some trees in front of it so the sun doesn’t constantly bang you in the head (hate sun&heat, lol), but of course all the 60+ segment and screaming, flailing munchkins with their parents flock to it like locusts the moment it’s bearable to stay outside. It’s a double joy, I get to not stay there but hear their wailing all freaking day long. I can barely contain my excitement, really. ~_^

There’s also this park-like thing across the street, except again authorities made it into munchkin galore with swings and stuff like that, so you can’t go there and enjoy a moment of anything without them smurfs running around screaming, flailing and getting copious amounts of dust up your nose (to which I tend to be allergic) – that happens because this park-like spot has benches, but no freaking green at all so it’s like a sculpture more than a park, really. There’s some shade in different moment of the day because depending on where the sun’s shining from, one of the apartment buildings around casts shadow(s).

So, to make a long story short, I don’t do outdoor reading unless I’m somewhere over the weekend or on holiday. The park that is large enough to relax in and for sure catch a munchkins-free corner (sorry if it sounds harsh, but there’s a good reason I don’t have kids, lol) is about one half hour away driving, hour or hour and a half away walking, and it’s often populated with people that make it kind of unsafe to linger around on your own. And who wants to tag along so you can sit there and read, since you’re the only book-rat of the group, lol? Myeah.

On the upside, I think I will be doing some reading outdoors this weekend, supposed to go for a mountain-like break. Then again, I’m going with friends which tend to threaten to burn my laptop on the grill if I try to read when we’re out together, so chances aren’t exactly stellar. Meh.


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13 thoughts on “Hoppity Hop Galore #39: Outdoors reading? Not so much…

  1. Jessica @ a GREAT read

    Yay for the indoors! I’d like to read outdoors but yeah, not really likely in my current home. Oh well!

    Thanks for visiting my FF!

    Old Follower 🙂

  2. Lisa (Lost in Literature)

    Oh boy, sounds like reading inside is much more enjoyable… and quiet!! 🙂 I do have a deck to read on outside, but honestly, there’s only a couple months out of the year that I can stand it. Living in New England, we have seasons… winter is very cold, and summer is very hot. So it’s really only spring and fall where we have bearable temps where I wouldn’t mind sitting in the sun outside. Otherwise, I’m a sitting-on-my-couch-inside kind of person myself. 🙂
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