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Vampire Most Wanted (Argeneau #20)

  • By Lynsay Sands
  • Editions: audiobook, ebook, paperback
  • Published: February 18th 2014 by Avon
  • Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
  • ake a road trip with the undead . . . in this latest in the argeneau series by New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands
    For Basha Argeneau, anything is better than facing her estranged family. Even hiding out in sweltering southern California. But when a sexy immortal in black shows up determined to bring her back to the clan, she’ll do anything to keep far, far away from the past she can’t outrun.
    Marcus Notte isn’t here to play games—especially not with someone as crazy as the infamous blonde. Asked by Lucian Argeneau to bring her back for questioning, Marcus is determined to carry out Lucian’s request—no matter how the seductive little mind-reading vamp feels about it.
    Basha doesn’t mind fighting fire with fire, especially with a hot immortal involved. But if he wants to take her away, he’ll have to catch her first . . .
    ~ Bewitching BT

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    Chapter One

    ” Divine saw her latest customer out, surprised to note that there was no one outside her

    door waiting for a reading. It was the first time that day that there was no line outside her RV.

    A glance at her watch explained why– it was dinnertime. That was the only time she ever had a

    lull in customers. Right now the food stalls would have ridiculously long line as everyone at the

    fairgrounds converged on them in search of greasy treats to power the rest of the evening’s rides

    and fun. Which meant she had a few minutes to catch her breath and relax a bit.

    She’d barely had the thought when she spotted a couple of women moving purposefully

    toward her trailer. After a brief hesitation, Divine quickly flipped the “Back in five minutes!”

    sign, let her screen door slide closed and descended the few steps to the ground. Ignoring the fact

    that the women were looking alarmed and rushing forward, she slipped around the side of her

    RV. Most customers would have stopped then, sagged with disappointment and waited, probably

    impatiently, but waited just the same, so Divine was a little surprised when her arm was grabbed

    from behind. She was more surprised, however, by the strength in the hand that latched onto

    her…until she turned and noted that it wasn’t one of the women at all, but a man.

    A couple inches taller than her, dark haired and good-looking, he was built like a line

    backer. He was also looming over her, deliberately invading her space in a threatening manner as

    he growled, “What the hell did you say to my wife?”

    Divine rolled her eyes with exasperation, wondering how she was supposed to know

    since she didn’t know who his wife was. She was about to say as much, but then realized that

    there was something familiar about the man and quickly dipped into his thoughts. A heartbeat

    later she was relaxing.

    “Allen Paulson,” she murmured his name, getting an almost childish satisfaction when

    his eyes widened incredulously.

    “How do you–?”

    “I told your wife that you were having an affair with your buxom, blonde, twenty year

    old secretary, Tiffany,” Divine interrupted sharply, silencing him at once. “I told her that this

    Tiffany was pushing for marriage and that you, not wanting to lose her, but unwilling to give up

    your wife’s money preferred widowhood to divorce. I told her about your plans to bring about

    that widowhood on your upcoming vacation. I believe it was either her drowning or suffering

    a fall while camping in Yosemite National Park?” She tilted her head. “As I recall that trip was

    scheduled for this week, wasn’t it?”

    When his mouth dropped open and his hold on her arm eased, Divine added, “I’m

    guessing by the fact that you’re here rather than in Yosemite, that she listened to my advice to

    make an appointment with her lawyer the next morning to change her will as well as remove you

    as the beneficiary on her life insurance.”

    His hand dropped away, falling limply by his side.

    “No doubt she also listened to my advice and hired a private detective. I gather she sent

    him to get photographic proof of your infidelity at that cheap little motel you like to take your

    secretary to everyday at lunchtime?” She slipped into his thoughts briefly, read the answer in

    the chaos there, and smiled with satisfaction. Not only had the wife done that, she’d then taken

    the proof straight to a good divorce lawyer. The woman was now safe and on her way to being

    single again. After that, though, the woman had told her dear hubby that the fortune teller at the

    carnival was the one who had given her the heads up and put her on this path and it had been

    the best twenty bucks she’d ever spent. Which was why Divine now had an irate and soon to be

    divorced and destitute husband on her hands.

    Divine waited, braced for the man’s anger. But instead of the explosive rage she

    expected, he asked in a small, frightened voice, “How did you know? No one knew. I didn’t tell

    anyone what I planned. Not even Tiffany.”

    “Did you even bother to read the sign when you walked your wife to my trailer that day

    two weeks ago in Pahrump?” she asked with amusement and then reminded him, “Madame

    Divine. Let her do a reading and define your future,” she reminded him.

    “Yeah, but that’s just… It’s a scam,” he protested. “You’re a carnie. You just scam

    people out of their money for a laugh.”

    “Yes, of course ,” Divine agreed coldly, and then tilted her head. “So why aren’t you


    Allen Paulson flinched as if she’d struck him, and then his awe and dismay gave way to

    the rage she’d expected earlier. Divine saw it roll over him, knew he was about to blow his top

    without the need to read him, but slipped into his thoughts anyway. It was like cutting through

    soft, half melted butter with a ceramic knife. The man was so angry his thoughts were wide open.

    Divine wasn’t terribly surprised to read that he’d brought a gun with him and planned to use

    it. She waited until he’d pulled the weapon from inside his jacket and raised it, though, before

    reacting. In fact, she let him get so far as to put his finger on the trigger before snapping her hand

    out, latching onto his throat and lifting him off the ground. She then whirled and slammed him

    against her RV.

    When the gun fell from his hand and he moaned in pain, she released him. The man fell

    like a rag doll. He landed on his ass with his legs splayed, a dazed expression on his face, and

    Divine immediately dropped to straddle his lap. Gravel ground painfully into her knees, but she

    ignored that, caught him by the hair at the nape of his neck, pulled his head to the side and sank

    her fangs into his throat.

    A little shiver of pleasure slid through Divine as thick warm blood began to gush from

    the wound, was collected by her teeth and passed into her body. It gave her an immediate rush

    as the nanos in her body swarmed, eager to collect this new supply of nourishment. The man

    had jerked in surprise when her teeth pierced his skin, and he’d raised his hands to try to push

    her off, but he never actually got around to exerting any pressure. Instead, he froze briefly, his

    mind overwhelmed as hers automatically began to transmit her own pleasure to him. In the next

    moment, he was moaning and tugging at her instead, pulling her closer with one hand, clasping

    her head with the other and murmuring encouragingly, “Oh, yeah, baby. Please.”

    He was also arching his body under her, rubbing a sudden hardness against her. Divine

    usually didn’t cause pain in her victims, but this one deserved it. She also wasn’t terribly eager to

    let a man who had planned to murder his own wife dry hump her there on the carnival grounds,

    so she deliberately withdrew the pleasure that she was experiencing and had unintentionally

    shared. But she also slipped into his mind to control his reaction to prevent him from screaming

    out in horror and pain as his mind cleared and he became aware of what was happening.

    Divine was always careful not to kill her hosts. Why kill the cow that gave the milk?

    Besides, killing was wrong, no matter how despicable the person was, so while she drank more

    than she normally would have, she pulled back and freed him at the point when he was weak and

    woozy, but long before the man could come close to dying.

    Smiling coldly at his horrified expression, Divine stood, lifting him as she went. Once

    they were both upright, she released him, leaving him to lean weakly against the RV rather than

    have to touch him anymore.

    “Listen carefully Allen Paulson,” she said grimly. “You will not hurt your wife, or ever

    again consider harming or killing anyone for profit or any other reason. If you do, I’ll find

    out, and then I’ll find you…” She raised her hand to run one finger lightly over the wound on

    his neck. “And then I will finish this meal, cut your head off and leave your cold dead body

    somewhere no one will ever find you. Do we understand each other?”

    Allen Paulson nodded weakly. The man’s face was as white as his t-shirt, his eyes almost

    sunken with horror and he was sliding slowly along her RV, obviously eager to escape, but

    afraid to try and be stopped. Divine scowled. “And if you tell anyone about this, about me,” she

    emphasized, “I’ll do worse.”

    He began shaking his head frantically and whispered, “I won’t. I swear.”

    She narrowed her eyes, and then her nose wrinkled as the acrid scent of urine wafted up

    between them. Glancing down, she saw the wet spot growing on the front of his trousers and

    stepped back with disgust. “Get out of here before I change my mind and wipe yours.”

    Allen Paulson didn’t have a clue what she meant by that– she could see it in his

    expression– but he didn’t stick around to ask. He simply nodded wildly and sidled along the RV

    for a couple feet before finding the courage to turn his back to her and run.

    “You should have wiped his mind.”

    Divine stiffened at those words from behind her, and then turned slowly. She peered at

    the tall fair-haired man who had spoken. He was a greenie, an unskilled laborer and supposedly a

    local who had been hired to help out at the carnival while they were in town. The name he went

    by was Marco. Divine knew this secondhand, because while she was normally in on the hiring

    process, using her “special skills” to help Bob and Madge Hoskins who owned and ran Hoskins

    Amusements, this time she hadn’t been here. Family issues had kept her away and the hiring had

    been done by the time she’d caught up to the carnival. Had she been here to help weed out the

    troublemakers in the hiring process as she usually did, she never would have allowed Bob and

    Madge to hire the man. One, she couldn’t read him, and that was usually a sign of insanity in a

    mortal. This leads into the second reason she wouldn’t have hired him; the man, like herself, was

    an immortal. She’d sensed that about him quite quickly. Divine wasn’t sure how she’d known.

    She didn’t run into a lot of immortals. In fact, she’d arranged her life so that she wouldn’t. But

    there had been a frisson of awareness as she’d first passed him on returning to the carnival just

    before noon that day, as if the nanos in her body recognized and sent signals to those in his.

    She’d been avoiding him ever since.

    But that hadn’t stopped her from finding out all she could about him. Not that there had

    been much to learn. He went by Marco, last name Smith of all things. The women all thought he

    was a hunk. The men thought he was practically a God because he was strong and could do the

    work of four men, and Bob and Madge were hoping he’d not just help out through their stay in

    this town, but travel with them to the next and the next and so on. For herself, Divine was wary.

    She had avoided other immortals for a reason and had been doing so for a very long time. She

    didn’t like having one around. It made her anxious and she disliked feeling anxious.

    “Don’t you have something to do?” she asked, moving past the man and toward the back

    of her RV. The sign she’d turned had said back in five minutes and that time was up. Besides,

    she’d snacked on Allen Paulson and felt better for it. Break time was over.

    “You should have wiped his mind,” Marco repeated, falling into step with her.

    “He’ll keep his mouth shut,” Divine muttered, annoyed, mostly because she knew he was

    right. The truth was she hadn’t wiped Allen Paulson’s mind because it was slimy, and she hadn’t

    wanted to have to spend any more time inside his mind than necessary. Besides, he deserved to

    go through life terrified that she might someday revisit him should he set a foot wrong.

    “And if he doesn’t keep his mouth shut?” Marco asked as they neared the end of her RV.

    “What if he goes to the police?”

    “If he goes to the police, and if they don’t immediately lock him up as crazy but instead

    come to speak to me…” She shrugged. “I’ll wipe his mind, the officer’s mind and leave this

    carnival for another.”

    “Is that how you landed at Hoskins’ Carnival?” Marco asked as they rounded the end of

    the vehicle. “You didn’t wipe someone you should have and had to move on?”

    Divine turned on him sharply, an angry retort on her lips, but just as quickly caught back

    the words that wanted to spill out and merely said with forced calm, “You’re an inquisitive

    fellow, Marco. It’s not healthy around here. Carnies mind their own business. I suggest you do

    the same.”

    Turning away from him, she smiled at the two women who were waiting in front of her

    door. Others had joined them. In fact, Divine now had a line up of a half a dozen people and it

    was growing by the minute, but she reserved her smile for the first two only and said, “Which of

    you would like to go first? Or shall I take you together?”

    “Oh, me first,” one of the women said eagerly. “This was my idea.”

    Divine nodded and led the woman inside, leaving Marco and all thought of him out on

    her stoop.

    “Here, Mister.”

    Marcus tore his gaze from the door Madame Divine had just ushered her client through

    and peered down at the small boy tugging at the top of his pant leg and holding out a half eaten

    ball of cotton candy on a cardboard cone.

    “Here,” the boy repeated, holding it a little higher. “I don’t feel good. You can have the

    Marcus arched an eyebrow, but took the cotton candy. He suspected the boy didn’t feel

    good because he was stuffed full of cotton candy, something drenched in mustard, powdered

    elephant ears and—he considered the last stain on the boy’s shirt consideringly and then decided

    it had to be – ice cream. The kid was a walking menu of everything he’d eaten that day. At

    least, Marcus hoped it was all the kid had eaten that day. Otherwise he’d be wondering if Dante

    and Tomasso hadn’t fathered the little tyke. They were the only two people he knew, mortal or

    immortal, who could have eaten like that as a boy.

    “Danny! What are you doing? Get over here and leave that man alone.”

    Marcus glanced at the woman rushing toward them from the midway and offered a

    reassuring smile even as he slipped into her thoughts to ease her mind that he wasn’t a child

    molester and nothing untoward was happening. By the time she reached them, she’d slowed to a

    fast walk, and was smiling in a relaxed manner.

    “I hope he wasn’t bothering you?” she said apologetically as she took the boy’s hand.

    “Not at all,” Marcus assured her.

    The young mother smiled again and then nodded and turned away with the boy, saying,

    “Come on, honey. Your daddy is waiting with your sister in the Ferris wheel line. They’ll be


    Marcus watched them go and then turned his gaze back to Madame Divine’s RV. The

    door was closed now as were the blinds. He couldn’t see the woman anymore, except in his

    mind’s eye and he was definitely seeing her there. Madame Divine was more than memorable in

    her gypsy getup. A white peasant blouse, worn off the shoulders, a crimson under skirt, a bright

    teal scarf skirt, an orange sash tied at the waist with gold chains hanging from it and tinkling

    merrily, a wide leather belt and a crimson scarf around her head. Gold hoops had dangled from

    her ears, a gold chain hung around her neck, several gold bracelets dangled from her wrist, and

    knee high black leather boots with stiletto heels strapped up the front of her legs had finished the

    The woman looked damned sexy in the getup, so sexy in fact that when she’d straddled

    the would-be wife killer, Marcus had wanted to pull her off the man and onto his own lap. He’d

    been rather startled by that urge. Marcus hadn’t been interested in women for a while. Okay, for

    a couple millenia. Still, he hadn’t come across a woman like Madame Divine in quite a while

    either. The woman was walking sex in her get up, and his body was waking up and responding to

    Obviously he had a gypsy fetish, Marcus thought wryly. It made as much sense as

    anything else at the moment. Certainly more sense than his own life presently did. It appeared at

    the ripe old age of 2548 he was having a midlife crisis of sorts. That was the only explanation for

    how he found himself doing a favor for Lucian Argeneau.

    Marcus smiled wryly at the thought. Lucian Argeneau was not only the head of the

    powerful Argeneau clan, but also oversaw the Rogue Hunters and led the North American

    immortal council. Rogue Hunters were the immortal police force, they hunted down rogue

    immortals to be presented to the immortal council who then passed judgment on them and

    sentenced them to whatever punishment they saw fit, often death.

    As the head of those two organizations, Lucian could arguably be the most powerful

    immortal in North America. It was hard to imagine him needing anyone’s help. But he did. He

    was searching for a family member, his niece, Basha Argeneau, who had been thought to be dead

    for millennia, but who may now be alive after all…and whom he feared had gone rogue.

    Which is how Marcus had come to find himself at the carnival, eyeballing the trailer

    of a woman he couldn’t read and found incredibly sexy. Not that his not being able to read

    her bothered him. If this was Basha Argeneau, she was even older than he was and younger

    immortals usually couldn’t read immortals older than themselves. It wasn’t like any of the

    other signs of having met a life mate were cropping up, like renewed interest in food and such.

    Thank God, because if she had been a possible life mate and was Basha Argeneau…well, that

    would have been a doomed relationship from the start. Because Basha Argeneau was considered

    rogue…and rogues were executed. The last thing he needed at this point in his life was a rogue

    life mate.

    “Hey! Marco! Are you going to stand around stuffing your face all night or help me with

    the pogo stall?”

    Marcus glanced around with surprise to find Kevin Morrow walking toward him. The

    twenty-year old carnie was tall and stick-thin, his face a collection of freckles so thick that from

    a distance it looked like a tan. Up close though you saw that his face was definitely freckled, and

    it was also presently scrunched up with displeasure, reminding him that he was only supposed to

    take a fifteen minute break from helping to man the food stall.

    “I was–”

    “Stuffing your face,” the young carnie interrupted dryly and then turned away, gesturing

    for him to follow. “Come on. If you’re hungry you can have a corn dog while you work. It’s

    probably better for you than that sugary fluff anyway.”

    Marcus blinked and glanced down at the cone with the half eaten cotton candy the boy

    had given him several minutes ago. Or what had been half eaten cotton candy. There was nothing

    left of the sweet treat now. Surely he hadn’t eaten it? He hadn’t eaten in more than a millennia.

    He didn’t remember eating it. But he did have a sweet taste in his mouth that was rather pleasant.

    “Damn,” he muttered, tossing the cardboard cone into a garbage bin as he headed after

    Kevin. He’d eaten it. Couldn’t read Madame Divine, and was lusting after the woman. Oh, this

    wasn’t good. ”


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    Lynsay Sands is the nationally bestselling author of the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter vampire series, as well as numerous historicals and anthologies. She’s been writing stories since grade school and considers herself incredibly lucky to be able to make a career out of it. Her hope is that readers can get away from their everyday stress through her stories, and if there’s occasional uncontrollable fits of laughter, that’s just a big bonus.

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