Book-o-Sphere Flutters ~ April 12th Edition

I’ve seen more & more awesome blogs do link roundups, on different topics, at different times of the week. I really love the concept because my week is either utter insanity and I have like no time to look around the blogosphere, or I have a huge amount of free time – in both cases, link roundups are made of win. This, of course, is a good reason to read them, not write them, lol. But you know me, I’m a giver 😀
I thought I could share my sources of awesome info, hopefully some of you guys could use my OCD-ness of doom on topics like…

Flutter-worthy News

  • Xpresso Reads talked about the week’s Fresh Batch, and I gotta say I’m loving Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor (only read the first in the series, but man it was EPIC WIN!!), plus much covergasm material brought to you by Giselle’s awesomesauce list
  • Bobby @ Book Chick City talked about BOOKISH NEWS: Bookstore Says Ebooks Will Decline, Woolf Letter on Display, Bookish Deals & More!
  • Tips&Tricks for the pro butterfly

  • This week’s Bitchin’ Book Blog @ NoseGraze talked about How to Use Font Icons on Your WordPress Blog – you know you love them custom fonts in all their wiggly, jerky, grungy glory! Ash helps you get that awesome on your WordPress blog without complicated coding required, plus a fab plugin! Hit that thang 😉 And then came the irresistible How to Add Graphical Quotation Marks inside Blockquotes which will probably have me fiddling with my code soon…again…I’m hopeless 😐
  • Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer talked about Plugins recently – good finds. This is why I love WordPress, opensource awesomesauce for the win!
  • Cool Discussions around the garden

  • Rachel talked about Build Up vs Tearing Down – Promoting a Beautiful Blogging Community @ Parajunkee – and I couldn’t agree more. Check out the fab 20 tips she proposes for making that happen
  • Ash @ NozeGrace talked about buy links and why she gave them up in Why I No Longer Add Purchase Links to My Reviews – I might too, lol, time management is a very important factor xD
  • Mariko @ The Storybook Kingdom talked about Book Reading Quirks
  • Larissa @ YA Midnight Reads talked about her Italian Adventure – with awesomesauce pics!! You gotta see them!
  • Jennifer @ Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance talked about Proofreading Your Blog Posts – my take is whenever you type, you fuggle something up that you won’t notice until it’s posted, the very least. Embrace the fail of the moment, go in and edit the occasional wordfart when you see it, and be at peace – happens to the best of us.
  • For other awesome link collections&memes hit up…

  • Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat talked about Life of a Blogger: Handwriting – very fun to see people’s handwriting. Stop staring at me funny, okay? I’m a geek who collects pens&stuff 😛
  • Heather @ Bewitched Bookworms talked about Authors That You Recommend To Everyone – good recs right there
  • Tanya‘s Book Bloggersita of the week @ Parajunkee, some cool links if you’re interested in maximizing the potential of your blog, BookTube, and the bookish community in general
  • This Week’s Songasm:

    Found other cool links around the blog-o-sphere this week? Or have any of your own you think peeps will appreciate sharing? Post below and spread the love!


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      1. Livia Post author

        Thanks! This is my way of coming out with names of people I’ve been stalking during the week, pretty much 😀 Plus some songasms, because I just can’t help it, eheh.


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