Brooklynn’s Butterflies: Trust: a Night Calls novella by J.C. Valentine

Trust: a Night Calls novella (Night Calls #3.5)

  • By J.C. Valentine
  • Editions: ebook
  • Published: February 14th 2014
  • Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Source: own copy
  • In a Flutter: I LOVED it
  • rating-system5

    Following his divorce, Felix Sinclair vowed to never commit to a woman again…until he washed up on Poppy Montgomery’s doorstep, proving that sometimes taking the road less traveled pays off.
    One night of passion promised a lifetime of happiness, but when Felix begins to grow distant, disappearing for long periods of time without an explanation, Poppy begins to suspect that Felix may not be as committed to her as he claims.
    They say the hardest part of love is trusting your heart to someone else, but Poppy is about to find out that sometimes the hardest part may be letting go.
    ~ Goodreads



    As my very first J.C. Valentine book, I am glad I chose this one to read. I first discovered this series and author when I chose to review a book or two from the Red Hot Obsessions boxed set. While this was not in the set, there was another book from the series was in there. One thing led to another and I ended up reading this one (which I might add is further into the series), and I LOVED it.

    From the first chapter and on my heart was beating so hard I thought it would pound out of my chest. And while it was a short novela, it wasnt all about sex, though there were some steamy bits in there.
    I enjoyed every aspect of this novella, though the ending was lacking. But the rest of the book is totally worth the ending.

    I absolutely recommend this series and author. The writing was just amazing! I look forward to going backwards and reading all of the books in the series, and maybe some from her other series.


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