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    Guest Post: How I juggle life with writing

    by Devri Walls

    I have total freedom for today’s blog post! That means I stared at a blank document with bewilderment. Lol! At a loss I finally turned to my Facebook peeps and asked what it was that you wanted to know. I had a pretty great response but the most consistent one was how I juggled life with writing.

    Juggling, that really is what it is. If I were actually learning how to juggle a lot of balls are going to hit the floor. The better you get the more balls you can keep in the air. However even once you become an expert juggler there is a limit to how many balls you can keep in the air. Too many balls in the mix and some are going to hit the floor. The goal is really not to see how many balls you can keep in the air, but to keep the important ones up. Only you get to decide which balls are the most important.

    For those of you who have never read any of my posts, here is a little background; first of all I am a wife and a mom of two kids. Those of you who are in similar situations know it’s a full time job. Between meals ( these people wont stop eating!), sports events, piano lessons, piano practice, laundry…. you know. In addition to all of this I owned and taught at my own preschool, that took my mornings. I also teach voice lessons after school. On top of all of these things I published four novels in two and a half years. Wow, I look like superwoman don’t I? Before you start patting me on the back, these are the balls I chose to keep in the air. Even with choosing it was a lot of balls in the air. Sometimes I didn’t think I could do it anymore, but all of these things were very important to me.

    There were factors that helped me keep this all going. I have an amazing, super supportive husband who picks up some of the things that fall. Laundry does not get done at my house until I realize we are all out of clothes, then I spend half the day catching up with my old friends, washer and dryer. Dinner does get done, but my magic cleaning fairy (aka, hubby) cleans up the mess. There are many, many things that hit the floor, trust me. This is what I have come to realize, you can always make time for what you love.

    We each have the same amount of hours in the day so in order to make time something has to go. TV was one of the things that went for me. I could spend an hour or two unwinding in front of a TV show, or I could spend it disappearing into another word writing my stories. I made my time. I showed up early to lunch meetings and school pickups with my laptop to work for a few minutes. Was it easy? No! Was it worth it? Yes, a thousand times yes.

    I went full time writer this month, and I am looking forward to less balls in the air. It still required a lot of sacrifices on my part, but again it was worth it. Make time for what you love, always make time. When you do what you love you are happy, and that will always be worth the sacrifices and the juggling.


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    Devri Walls lives in Kuna Idaho with her husband and two kids. She has worked as a music teacher and currently, a preschool teacher. She majored in theater and her love of a story still drives her today. Thankfully, she has finally found an outlet for all the voices in her head.

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    5 thoughts on “How I juggle life with writing by Devri Walls & Giveaway

    1. Giselle

      I totally feel you! With a toddler and a full time job and a blog and a million shows I MUST WATCH!! If I wasn’t anal about being organized I’d probably have a mental breakdown or something lol! I use shows as a way to congratulate myself on a productive day. I’ll watch 1-2 episodes before bed. I do think sacrifices need to be made when you have a lot on your plate. And if you make the right choice it definitely is worth it! 🙂
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