Q&A with Torin of The Lycan Hunter by Kelsey Jordan & Giveaway

The Lycan Hunter (Gardinian World #1)

  • By Kelsey Jordan
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: May 29th 2014 by Booktrope (first published September 30th 2013)
  • Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance

When Alexis James arrives at her first assignment in months, she anticipates the danger and violence rife in her calling as a Lycan Hunter. What she doesn’t expect is a handsome, blue-eyed wolf saving her life and kidnapping her. Surrounded by the enemy, Alexis must not only survive her prisoners but the bonds of a different sort that begin to form against her will.
Mikko Kyran was chosen by the gods to lead his pack, and he has made it his mission to end the eight thousand years of war plaguing his people. The Alpha never suspected that the key to the prophecy ending the Forever War would be held by a smart-mouthed, sexy Hunter determined to kill him.
Can two people from different worlds set aside everything they know about one another long enough to survive retribution from the Hunters, the pack, and the gods? Or will their differences start a war that neither can win?

Written with intensity and depth, The Lycan Hunter is the first in a thrilling new series.
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” An ominous feeling settled in her stomach, the sensation surging and plummeting so fast in her gut she had to reach out to grip the desk for stability. The only thing missing was classic horror-themed music as the sinister feeling surged again when Kyran paused as if he was listening for something. Still she couldn’t’t force her feet to move, too drawn in by all the awful possibilities from what the screen showed her.
Theo – like all Hunters – had been trained to be aware of their surroundings yet maintain the appearance that he was unconscious. Alexis found herself hoping that Theo would do something to give himself away. All Kyran would need is a subtle uptick of Theo’s calm heart, a hitched breath, or a subtle muscle movement to show him that Theo wasn’t asleep but pretending. Nothing happened, and Kyran stepped forward. Her gut twisted in agony, but her feet still refused to obey her command to find help.
Kyran was obviously in doctor mode. He would naturally wonder what happened to his patient, wonder if somehow the sedatives that Theo had been given had been too much. He suffered from a kindness that Hunters were trained out of from childhood. His inclination for decency would cost him, but at least he was cognizant that something was unusual. Maybe that would keep him safe enough that she could warn him or send help.
Her gut tightened again, and a quick glimpse showed how close Kyran was to his destruction. She knew she wouldn’t’t find that room in time, so she left the room hoping to find Ronan. Hopefully, it wouldn’t’t be too late.
She began beating on the first door she came to. It swung open to reveal Ronan’s sleep tossed hair, unfocused glare, and gloriously naked body.
“What the hell, Ky – ” His hands flew to his groin when his gaze fell on her.
“Come on. Kyran’s in trouble.” “

Character Interview


I’ve asked Torin to meet me in my favorite coffee house. It’s been a long night and he’s a morning person. I need my java to function appropriately. He approaches, his footsteps silent despite his heavy boots. He exudes power in his smooth stride. Must be the solid black outfit that he’s wearing, his black t-shirt stretched tight over his broad chest.

I wonder to myself why I didn’t notice how sexy Torin was before.

Torin: You were too focused on Lykil.

He slides into his seat, turning down the waitress’ attempt to bring him a drink. Instead of acknowledging the truth of his words, I go straight into my list of questions.

Me: What is the most annoying thing you had to deal with since we’ve met?

Torin: Watching my sister and not being able to help her. Kyran is great with her, but she’s my sister. I should be able to do more for her.

Sadness briefly flits through his eyes before he narrows his brown eyes at me as if he already knows my next question.

Me: There is a story behind while Lykil cares so much for your sister. Do you know what it is?

Torin: I know most of it, but I wouldn’t tell you. Lykil is can be surprisingly secretive. If you want to know, ask him. Good luck on that story though. He guards that nugget of knowledge like he has the last virgin known to mankind secreted away somewhere.

Me: [laughing at his reply] Okay, we’ll go back to you. If you could change the narrative of your life, what would you change and why?

Torin: When I first died, I wanted to change that more than anything. I mean, shit, my parents are fucked up for what they did to Lex. I would have done anything to protect her. Now I know that my death has put me in the position to help keep her safer than I ever could while I was live. To answer your question, no, I wouldn’t change anything.

Me: If you had the chance to live alone, what would you do?

Torin: Get laid more often. Honestly, if I was alone I wouldn’t be a Hermod. I like my existence enough to never want to be alone.

Me: If you could be assigned to another God who would you choose and why?

Torin: I haven’t spent enough time with some of the gods to say I’d ditch Lykil. Destruction may get on my nerves on occasion, but he isn’t all bad.

Me: Ideally, how would you like to resolve the war?

Torin: I would like them to fulfill the Othion’s prophecy. If they do it that way, one group doesn’t have to cease existing simply for the other to know peace.

Me: Do you know how the Lycans and Hunters can do that?

Torin: Even if I knew, I couldn’t tell you.

Me: Why not?

Torin: You’re not exactly biased, Mrs. Jordan.

Me: I haven’t picked sides. [He starts laughing at me.] Fine, I’ve sided mostly with the Lycans, but I am aware that I don’t want the Hunters killed off simply because they were created to do the job that they are doing.

Torin: That’s great that you’re almost unbiased. Now what else you got? You know Lykil won’t allow this interview to continue without popping his head in here at some point.

Me: Who would be your ideal woman?

Torin: Someone interesting. She should be able to handle what I do and they pain in the ass that I have to do it with. Beyond that, I’m not too picky. [He smirks at the face I make.] What, expecting me to name off breast sizes?

Me: Kind of.

Torin: I’m going to live too long to tolerate a ditzy bimbo.

Me: Isn’t that the truth. I have to admit that the next question is based more on curiosity because you get to go places I wish I could.

Torin: Alright, shoot.

Me: What is your favorite planet in the Gardinian universe?

Torin: I think my favorite place is still Earth, but that is more based on my personal attachment to it. The other places in the universe are interesting for their own reasons, but Earth is where I’m from.

Me: What do you like most about your position?

Torin: The ability to watch over Lex and make sure she’s doing okay. She still has rough days, but nothing like she used to. I’m in the position to make sure nothing happens to her again.

Me: What do you hate the most about your role?

Torin: With all the changes in the war, I don’t get to see Lex as much as I’d like. I also hate that we don’t have a lot of downtime. Lykil may be a god, but he’s the type to need downtime. If he doesn’t get it, he acts like a toddler without a nap. Except this toddler has the domain of Destruction to take care of and enough people screaming his name that it can get dangerous to them if they continue with their pestering.

Me: So I might want to rethink my interview with him, then?

Torin [laughing]: He likes you enough to keep you around. I think. [He pauses, thinking before he shrugs.] You should be good.

We say our goodbyes, but my thoughts linger on the god whose kindness intrigues me and the worry I have for him losing himself to the darkness.

Torin’s voice whispers in my mind. “He has me. I won’t let that happen.”



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About the Author & Links:

Kelsey Jordan is the author of The Lycan Hunter, the first book in her Gardinian World series. Though she has a preference for all things paranormal and romantic, Kelsey admits she just writes what her muse demands of her. It’s less painful that way. When she isn’t enjoying the momentary benefits of playing god to the many characters that live in her head, she can usually be found curled up with a book, killing something in a video game, or spending time with her family. At some point in the day she is probably drinking more than her recommended dose of coffee, but don’t tell her that. She doesn’t care about recommended servings.

As a Texas native and self-described Air Force brat, Kelsey now lives in Georgia with her husband and their tutu-wearing minion. Book 2 and 3 of the series will be published by Booktrope Editions late Summer/Fall 2014.

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