Butterfly up @ Butterfly-o-Meter Books!

Whew, 2014 has been awesome!
Life is all about change and evolution, right?

In that spirit, I sadly have to tell you guys that the awesomesauce Shurrn will not be continuing with her Indie Flutters feature in 2015. All of her awesome work will be available via the archives here, of course, but you can see lots more of her over at her sizzling place, The Smutsonian.

As you’ve noticed, Brooklynn and Maddy have been on hiatus for a while. Life takes over, things happen, you know how it is. That being said, whenever they’d want to come back and resume their Butterfly activities, they will be welcomed with open arms of course.

With only the fabulous Bee contributing now (you all know her awesome Bee on Books feature) on a monthly basis, my schedule being what it is, and me being determined to never stop fluttering my wings here, lol, I’m now on the hunt.

No, no, don’t freak out, lol! What I mean is I’m again looking for contributors, for weekly, bi-monthly, and/or monthly contributions.
Genre specific, indie-focused, LGBTQ-focused, whatever you’d like to do, I’d like to hear about it! You’ll do your thing, whether it’s reviews, discussions, author interviews, or whatever else you’d wanna try out!

Your feature, your thing, all of my support!

You can post your content or I can do it for you, under your account here on the blog, with your name and social media links underneath, including to your book blog if you have one, or whatever-else blog.
We can work together on contacts or such for your feature, or you can do your thing totally on your own.
All that I wanna make clear is that the content space here on Butterfly-o-Meter Books is not for sale and cannot be used to gain material benefits. Only those of the bookish soul, lol.
I reserve editorial rights over the content, and my blog is a 0-bashing, no h8 zone. We’ve got strong opinions that we base on arguments, snarky as they may be. There’s a definite line between humor and bullying, and there won’t be any crossing of that line here.

The ProS:

  • Read & review titles submitted for review here at Butterfly-o-Meter Books & or titles you’ve received for review yourself, outside of the blog, & post your thoughts here: review article or a ‘fluttering thoughts’ type of review, focusing on the main 5 points of the book (worldbuilding, characters, plot, writing, curb appeal ie presentation-cover&blurb).
  • You get your own Team Butterfly custom character & feature graphic here on the blog, and a complimentary graphic (blog header, Twitter profile header, Facebook cover, YouTube channel art) done by me for your own blog/personal profile.
  • Each one of your posts will feature your Twitter/Facebook/website/blog links & bio, and a list of recent posts here on the blog.
  • Are you a specific genre lover and want to support your favorite authors who write it? Whether it’s YA, NA, LGBTQ, PNR, UF, Contemp, Horror, Suspense, Erotica, indies, or anything else, we’ll make a feature of it with your name on it!
  • You don’t have to deal with the stress of running a blog all day, every day! Let me deal with that, I’ll keep steering our Butterfly from flower to flower 😀 All you have to do is enjoy doing your bookish thing!
  • What could your feature be?

    Keep in mind, these are just ideas, starting point ideas if you will. I’m totally open to your thoughts and ideas, this is all about you!

    Weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly post:

  • Reviews
  • Author/Blogger Interviews
  • Discussions (on anything bookish)
  • Recommendation lists (on any topic, bookish or related)
  • Opinion piece (on anything writing/publishing/reading)
  • Blogging tips (platform or content related)
  • Are you the butterfly we’re looking for? Drop me a line and we’ll talk about it!


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