Brooklynn’s Butterflies: Claimed by the Elven King: Part One by Cristina Rayne

Claimed by the Elven King: Part One (Claimed by the Elven King #1)

  • By Cristina Rayne
  • Editions: ebook
  • Published: April 17th 2014
  • Genre: Adult Fantasy / Erotic Romance
  • Source: own copy
  • In a Flutter: The sex was hot
  • rating-system4

    For Emily Ford, being awakened in the dead of night by what seems to be the very shadows in her bedroom come to life is the least of her worries as she is spirited away to become the new wife of an elven king for the purpose of bearing his heirs. Entranced despite herself by his ethereal beauty, Emily surrenders willingly to his seduction and is introduced to a new world of sexual pleasures she had not thought possible outside of a dream.
    But can a human ever really win the heart of an elf or have a place within the elven court, especially when the biggest obstacle to both is her new husband’s barren and resentful queen who makes no qualms about wanting Emily gone and, if the whispers within the court are to be believed, is prepared to do the unspeakable to make it happen?

    ~ Goodreads



    I found myself wanting a short, totally awesome book that would make me cry like a little baby, so I chose this from my kindle wheel thing (what do you call it?). I was… slightly disappointed. Dont get me wrong! The sex was hot and the first sentence grabbed me. But… it just started to go downhill.

    First, it was way too short. I mean, it says its a short story, but WOW. Second, the lead female started to get attached to the male (without knowing him) after they have sex. Two words. Pet. Peeve.
    However, I cannot knock points off simply because it hit one of my peeves. That would be unfair because everyone likes different styles.

    This is coming off as a bad review, and you might be wondering why I gave it 4 stars if I’m saying such “awful” things. Well, the writing was good, and the sex was awesome ( as I repeated), the world was interesting, and I did make it through most of the story before I felt that it needed more development.

    Part of me wants to finish reading the second part ( I did buy it, and started the first chapter), but Im scared Im going to be disappointed majorly. The whole serial looks AMAZING.

    Dont let my review dissuade you… if you love elves, midnight kidnappings for hot, raunchy sex, and a small mystery concerning the male lead, then you just might like this book.


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