Q&A with Jude Pittman, Gail Roughton & Giveaway

Sisters of Prophecy, Ursula

  • By Jude Pittman, Gail Roughton
  • Editions: ebook
  • Published: September 29th 2014
  • Genre: Adult Paranormal / Time Travel
  • What’s a girl to do? Katherine Shipton has a painting that talks, an ancestor who won’t stay in her own century, and a former boyfriend with a serious ax to grind against her new fiancé. She already has a full plate, but when said ancestor sends her tripping back and forth between the 15th and 21st century without benefit of psychedelic drugs, the poor girl begins to doubt her own sanity.
    Then her best friend, a high fashion model with more than her own share of psychic energy, and her troubleshooting aunt show up on her doorstep in response to a psychic SOS Katherine swears she didn’t send. Life couldn’t get more complicated.
    At least, that’s what she thinks until her oilman fiancé disappears in the Gulf of Mexico and a DEA agent knocks on her door.

    ~ Bewitching BT

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    “Okay, where the hell is she?” Sylvia glanced around the room. The only Mother Shipton in sight was the sketch of an old woman on the half-finished portrait.
    “In the portrait again, maybe?” Katherine picked up her palate and brush, ready to call Mother Shipton back.
    A loud blast of rock-n-roll roared into the room, followed by a high pitched shriek.
    “What the—” The girls raced down the hall, following the sound. Mother Shipton stood in front of the television, hands clasped over her ears.
    Katherine grabbed the remote and clicked the TV off.
    Mother Shipton turned to face them. “What—what manner of sorcery is that?” She pointed at the screen. “And that noise! Surely ‘tis from Lucifer himself.”
    “Lots of folks say that about hard rock, and that’s a fact, but more about Ozzie Ozborne than Metallica.” Sylvia laughed. “Welcome to our century, Mother Shipton. That’s a television. Tuned to MTV.”
    “‘Tis a devil box!”
    “Don’t throw stones, Mother. Your century smells like hell. Guess we all got our little sack of rocks to tote around.”


    1. If you were to describe your e-book/book in only one word, what would it be?

    Gail and Jude Jointly: Magic.

    2. What would you say inspired you to write it?

    Gail and Jude Jointly: Family legend. (Jude’s)

    3. What was the source of inspiration for your protagonist? What about your antagonist?

    Gail and Jude Jointly: And yet again, family legend. As to both protagnosit and antagonist.

    4. Have you ever been hit by the infamous “writer’s block”? What did you do to escape it?

    Jude: Mostly I set the writing aside and work on a lot of other projects I have. Being a publisher as well as a writer I can always get involved in a lot of other stuff, and eventually one of my characters will give me a dig in the brain and I’m off writing again.

    Gail: You have no idea. Just ask Jude about my “writer’s blocks” (not in Sisters, but in others). And I mostly just bull my way through them until the characters start talking again.

    5. Your all time favorite book?

    Jude: I think it’s probably Murder on the Orient Express. I cut my teeth on Agatha Christie’s murder mysteries and that one stayed with me always.

    Gail: There’s no way I could ever pick an “all-time” favorite book. My favorite what kind of book? Romance? Thriller? Chiller? It all depends on the genre you’re talking about.

    6. What’s the longest time you’ve spent working on a project?

    Jude: Twelve years – the original outline for the Mother Shipton story that never really came to life, but eventually got written into this wonderful series Gail and I are now collaborating on.

    Gail: Would you believe twenty years? Though that wasn’t straight through. I wrote half of one of my books long ago, in about two months. Then I put it in the closet and pulled it out twenty years later and finished it in two more months. But the longest on-going project was three years.

    7. Would you say becoming an author has changed you? In what way?

    Jude: I’ve always been a “writer” , a “journalist” and then “author” so they were just part of me becoming me.

    Gail: No, actually becoming an “author” didn’t change me. Becoming a published, and therefore, “professional” author – now that was an eye-opener in far too many ways to recount here. The two biggest though, would be having a new window onto the world because of all the people you meet in cyber-space, and the resultant humility. I say this because I think every writer goes through a phase of thinking they know it all. Only publishing knocks that out of all but the most egomaniacal. Because publishing truly shows you how much you have to learn.

    8. What does your day-to-day life consist of? What else do you do, aside writing?

    Jude: I just retired two weeks ago from a legal job that took a big part of my time. Since I’m also the publisher for Books We Love Ltd. the morning hours are mostly devoted to the BWL business of that day. Then the afternoon hours are devoted to promotion, looking for new opportunities for our authors, following up on leads. Evenings are time with my husband, and later evenings are writing times, as well. I’m a night-owl writer and tend to get up at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. and write until the news comes on at 6:00, then I crawl back in bed and watch the news with my husband and depending on where my writing is for the day, I either go back to it, or go on to other things.

    Gail: My day-to-day life’s pretty much the same as anybody else’s. I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, with all the joys and tribulations that entails. And I’ve been a paralegal for forty years so I’m in a totally different professional world than writing most of the time. Insofar as my actual time to write, I’m a week-end writer, primarily on Sundays, though I do occasionally get some writing time in on Saturday afternoon.

    9. How do you deal with bad reviews or acid criticism? What would you advise other authors to that effect?

    Jude: I’ve been very fortunate in not receiving much bad or acid criticism, but I’ve had a couple of ridiculous comments. Mostly I ignore them and I also advise our authors to do the same. One woman was so ridiculous I did reply, but it’s not a practice I advise.

    Gail: I decide if there’s anything in that review or criticism I can use to improve. And if there is—I use it. If there’s not, if it’s simply a matter of the taste or temperament of that particular reviewer, I shake it off. And that’s exactly what I’d advise any writer to do.

    Fun facts:

    1. If you could wish for any one thing, and it would immediately come true, what would you wish for?

    Jude: For all the climates in all the world to stabilize and the deadly storms to leave the earth in peace – and of course, as Gail says, mankind to endorse and follow the requirements for us to have World Peace.

    Gail: World peace. Really. And all that comes with it.

    2. Name your favorite fruit.

    Jude: Blueberries
    Gail: Tomatoes.

    3. Coffee or tea?

    Jude: Coffee
    Gail: Coffee.

    4. Favorite season?

    Jude: Fall
    Gail: Fall.

    5. How about fav time of 24 hours?

    Jude: 3:00 to 5:00 a.m.
    Gail: Evening.

    6. Were you a boyscout/girlscout?

    Jude: Nope, lived way out in the sticks in Alberta.
    Gail: Never. I’ve always been a bit of a loner.

    7. Favorite food for breakfast?

    Jude: Poached eggs
    Gail: Toast with honey.

    8. Latest book you’ve bought and read?

    Jude: Blood Magick, Nora Roberts
    Gail: Dan Brown, Inferno.

    9. Do you collect things, like stamps, or key chains, or shoes?

    Jude: No
    Gail: Memories.

    10. Favorite color, you know you want to tell us!

    Jude: Blue
    Gail: I don’t really have one. I’ve got some I like a lot less than others, but several I like equally.

    11. Drama or comedy?

    Jude: Drama
    Gail: That depends on my mood, but in general I’d have to say comedy. There’s enough drama in real life.

    12. Have a fav quote or personal motto?

    Jude: Just get to it and get it done.

    Gail: I guess the motto or personal code I try to live by is—don’t judge. Everybody’s fighting their own battles and no one else knows anything about them or what a person’s gone through to become who they now are.

    13. Cats or dogs?

    Jude: Cats. (Gail’s the dog person).
    Gail: Dogs. (Jude’s the cat person).

    14. Dinner by candlelight or a night out clubbing?

    Jude: Dinner
    Gail: Dinner. Candlelight is optional.


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    About the Author & Links:

    Jude Pittman emigrated from Canada to the United States with her mom and brother when she was 14. Her time there included 12 years in Texas where the genus for her first murder mystery, “Shadows Are Deadly” now part of Jude’s “Murder on My Mind” trilogy first took root. In 1992 Jude returned to British Columbia where she met her husband John. The couple moved to Calgary, Alberta where they continue to live. Descended from the Shipton line, Jude has always been fascinated with the historical and legendary stories about her late and often maligned ancestor, Mother Shipton and her gifts of prophecy. The Sisters of Prophecy series is a fictional account of those Shipton sons and daughters who inherited Mother Shipton’s gifts.

    Gail Roughton is a native of small town Georgia whose Deep South heritage features prominently in much of her work. She’s worked in a law office for close to forty years, during which time she’s raised three children and quite a few attorneys. She’s kept herself more or less sane by writing novels and tossing the completed manuscripts into her closet. A cross-genre writer, she’s produced works ranging from humor to romance to thriller to horror, sometimes in the same book. She’s never quite sure herself what to expect when she sits down at the keyboard. Now multi-published by Books We Love, Ltd., her credits include the War-N-Wit, Inc. series, The Color of Seven, Vanished, and Country Justice. Currently, she’s working on Black Turkey Walk, the second in the Country Justice series, as well as the Sisters of Prophecy series, co-written with Jude Pittman.

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