Blossoms & Flutters: Caught Up In You by Colee Firman

Caught Up In You

  • By Colee Firman
  • Editions: ebook
  • Published: December 14th 2014
  • Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: A love full of missed opportunities.
  • rating-system4

    Life has a way of shaping you into what it wants you to be, regardless of how much you fight it.
    Brantley Prescott is damaged. Scarred by a past she can’t forget. Hiding secrets she’s terrified to share. Searching for a future she doesn’t believe she’ll ever find.
    Myles Franco is alone. Burdened by mistakes he’ll never live down. Fostering a deep resentment for the opposite sex. Unleashing his wrath on any girl who gets too close.
    Brantley has worked behind the bar long enough to recognize Myles for what he is—a douchebag player with nothing on his mind but keeping a steady stream of girls flowing through his bed. With his messy dark hair, sapphire blue eyes, rock-solid body, and endless tattoos he’s impossible to ignore. But that’s exactly what she plans on doing.
    After just one run-in with Brantley, Myles is even more determined to stick to the rules he lives by. She’s mouthy, blunt, and doesn’t back down—no matter how hard he pushes her. She could turn out be the one temptation that drags him down the path he’s been trying to avoid. He won’t let that happen.
    Both are content living behind the solid walls they’ve built around themselves. Neither is prepared for what happens when their lives collide.

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    Man I’m glad those characters finally got it right! Missed opportunities can be a bi*** but getting that second and third chance to make things right again can make everything worth it in the end. Myles and Brantley (and yes that is a girl’s name) always seem to miss out on an epic romance. Due to outside obligations and just plain old miscommunication, they always ended up passing each other by.
    Set in a little town where everyone knows everyone else’s business, it felt like the perfect back drop for this story. Brantley Prescott doesn’t like to let people in. Having the hellish experience she had when she was younger, completely shapes the way she now looks at life. Being twenty and having the only support system she had had for the last few years move away, starts her on a path she never expected to travel. Love, forgiveness, heartache, and finally letting someone in are only the few things Brantley will have to face in this story.
    Myles Franco doesn’t like women and with good reason. Due to his passed indiscretions his life consists of lonely days and work filled nights. Trying to keep his head down and nose clean becomes next to impossible when he gets saddled with a new neighbor that he just can’t keep his eyes off of. Placed in the impossible spot between obligations and love, Myles’s messy life is about to get a whole lot more complicated.
    I liked the book. The characters were strong and had good back stories. I felt like I connected with Myles the most. He just seemed to talk about his feelings and what was going through his head more than Brantley did. Brantley was definitely a strong character in her own right. Going through what she did and working hard for what she had showed how strong of a character she really was.
    On the flip side I wish Brantley spoke up more and put herself out there. She was strong behind closed doors but in the limelight bowed out. I also would’ve liked if Myles’ character grew more within the story. I felt like from start to finish he was pretty much still the same character even though he went through some pretty big issues. I would’ve thought going through some of things he did, would’ve made him grow up and change his behavior a bit.
    There were two time jumps and I wasn’t particularly thrilled with them. I wasn’t able to really feel the months Myles and Brantley spent apart. It would’ve made for a more emotional read, and I would’ve connected better with the characters, if there was an insight given to what happened during the months the characters were apart. I would’ve loved to have read what Brantley was going through the first time Myles left as well as the second time.
    It definitely is a rollercoaster ride type of romance as well as up and down and hot and cold. I’m happy that everything turned out right in the end and that there was an epilogue which I absolutely think was a bonus! All in all if a rollercoaster ride type of romance is your cup of tea I’d say come and get caught up! ☺

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