Echo 8 by Sharon Lynn Fisher

Echo 8

  • By Sharon Lynn Fisher
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: February 3rd 2015 by Tor Books
  • Genre: Adult Sci-Fi / Paranormal / Romance
  • Source: review copy
  • In a Flutter: Geeky romance heaven xD
  • rating-system4

    Three lives.
    Two worlds.
    One chance to save it all.
    Tess is a parapsychologist, devoting her life to studying paranormal and psychic phenomenon. But when doppelgangers begin appearing from a parallel world, all her training couldn’t prepare her for what is to come.
    Jake appeared from another Earth, shocked and angry, and is restrained by government investigators for study. But when he unwittingly steals energy from Tess, it causes a ripple effect across two worlds.
    Ross is an FBI agent, ordered to protect Tess as she conducts her research into this dangerous phenomenon. His assignment was not random—he and Tess have a history. And when those feelings resurface, Ross will have to choose between his love for Tess and his duty to protect his world.

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    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: The world of Echo 8 was interesting, well developed and utterly realistic in a bit of a spooky way. The concept of dislocating and the consequences of it were an interesting study on human nature. And okay, I loved the scientific basis of the novel too, there, call me a geek and make me a happy gal! :p
    Characters: Tess was an awesome heroine. Intelligent, curious, alert, caring, with a good sense of morals to which she stuck – in short, there was nothing not to love about her. She was also funny, charming, and a blast to read about. If I were to find any fault in her personality (but not character, mind you xD), it would be that she was terrified of relationships. Which is totally understandable, not only because they are scary monsters, lol, but also because of her past. I got her, I totally did. She was authentic and awesome, and I loved her.
    Ross was a bit stiff and maybe not as charming as Tess herself, imo, but then again I don’t have the agents fascination I think, lol. The man was totally an agent, if you know what I mean. Focused on his orders, efficient, and somewhere along the line – because of Tess’s presence and influence – quite awesome. I liked him and Tess, but I wasn’t in love with them, probably because I didn’t love Ross much. I did respect him for making what I think was the right choice toward the end there. And to his credit, his whole purpose throughout everything he went through was to do the right thing. I admired that about him.
    Tess and Ross had awesome chemistry, but then again call me crazy, I thought Tess and Jake did too…
    Jake, on the other hand… the man was beyond awesome 😀 Much as I hate triangles in stories, lol, this pet peeve of mine in romance didn’t ruin the read for me at all. Probably because, well… I’m not giving the story away, lol. Let’s just say that this wasn’t a romantic triangle, but more of an entanglement xD
    Plot: The story was really awesome. I mean the geek in me loved the sci-fi tangent, the whole concept of the fades, the two worlds… much love. The romance tangent was great as well, the two were beautifully woven together and delivered a tense, not uber-agitated but action-packed suspense.
    Writing: Third person, past tense narrative, his and her POV.
    Curb Appeal: Lovely cover, hooking blurb, awesome author => impulsive buy material ti quench my sci-fi romance thirst.

    It’s totally clear to me that if you want interesting concepts, likable characters, and some hot romance, Sharon Lynn Fisher is what you’re looking for. I loved her previous sci-fi romances too, and I especially love the diversity and creativity of each of them. Echo 8 is very much like her previous ones in that regard.

    All in all, I definitely recommend this sci-fi romance with paranormal elements to anyone who loves a good, elegantly built and delivered story, hot chemistry, and fun, authentic characters. Big like!

    About the Author & Links:

    Three-time RWA Golden Heart finalist SHARON LYNN FISHER lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she writes SF/fantasy and battles writerly angst with baked goods, Irish tea, and champagne. A Romance Writers of America RITA Award finalist and a three-time Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award finalist, Sharon Lynn Fisher writes stories for the geeky at heart—meaty mash-ups of sci-fi, suspense, and romance, with no apology for the latter. She lives where it rains nine months of the year. And she has a strange obsession with gingers (down to her freaky orange cat). Her works include Ghost Planet (2012), The Ophelia Prophecy (2014), and Echo 8 (2015).

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        I know, I totally get what you mean. That’s how it is for and Dystopia, really. I just don’t get the vibe, no matter how good anything else is, the world alone has this antienjoyment effect on me, lol.


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