Blossoms & Flutters: Better Left Buried by Belinda Frisch

Better Left Buried

  • By Belinda Frisch
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: April 4th 2014
  • Genre: Young Adult Paranormal / Horror
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: Depressing and Morbid
  • rating-system2

    A spirit board, a murder, and a cold case that refuses to stay hidden.
    Harmony Wolcott’s already difficult life is about to get harder when her recurring nightmare takes a paranormal twist. Haunted, terrified, and questioning her sanity, Harmony must relive an event she refuses to remember, even if it costs her life.
    What starts as a message from beyond the grave turns into something dangerous that won’t be ignored. The only way to stop it is to understand who it is and what they want. Together with her best friend, Brea, Harmony investigates her childhood, starting with the mysterious street address someone or something has given her.
    The dilapidated home seems like something from another lifetime, a place of mixed memories where Harmony and Brea’s friendship had started, and where their families’ lives had intersected years earlier. What happened there might well be the town of Reston’s best kept secret.
    A tragic discovery threatens to unravel Harmony’s patched together life, bringing those she loves down with her and proving with devastating consequences that sometimes the past is better left buried.

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    That was depressing. I’m left in this sort of funk that I’m not sure how to come out of. I’m not sure how to really rate this story either. I did not like it at all. But at the same time the mystery part of the story did keep me a little intrigued. Unfortunately the story line and characters overshadowed the little bit of goodness it had and just left me unsatisfied and unhappy. Then again it could be my fault for picking this type of story out, when clearly the blurb didn’t make it out to be happy or have a HEA.
    Harmony comes from the wrong side of the tracks. Train wreck, trouble maker, druggie, and freak are just some of the words people like to describe her as. She’s had a completely shitty life and honestly things don’t get better for her. The little piece of normalcy that she has carved out for herself is being threatened in more ways than one. Threatened to be taken away by human and inhuman entities alike.
    Brea has always been Harmony’s best friend and if Brea is honest with herself, has always used Harmony as a security blanket. Labeled a freak just like Harmony doesn’t mean that Brea gets to be shunned and left alone, oh no, she is bullied and can’t seem to find a way out of it. Until a white knight comes to her rescue but is he or is he not playing her. Dealing with her mother, Harmony, inhuman entities, and now a new Romeo things just got a whole hell of a lot more complicated.
    This story has a paranormal aspect that is tied into the thriller part of it. Unfortunately that is all this story had going for itself in the redeeming qualities column. I couldn’t help it but I hated, hated, hated, all of the characters. The only one I hated less than everyone else was probably Harmony. She was pretty scrappy and I liked her loyalty to Brea and the fact that she tried her damnedest to make the best out of her situations, for the most part.
    I couldn’t connected with any of them. I hated both of the moms; one was so far removed from the situation she could’ve been a thousand miles away and the other was so entrenched in the situation that I wanted her to just get her own life. I hated both of the boyfriends; one was controlling and abusive while the other one I just couldn’t figure out. In the end I still felt like he was playing with her. The heroines…honestly Brea could’ve been taken out of the story for all the good she did. I kind of felt like she was just a filler. A pretty crappy best friend along with a poor me mentality did not win her any votes with me.
    The story was told in dual points of view from Harmony and Brea. I was definitely left confused for the majority of the book. There just seemed like more and more questions and less and less satisfying answers. The switching back and forth between Brea and Harmony was a bit jarring at times. I found myself wanting to skip Brea’s parts since the meat of the story, in my opinion, happened in Harmony’s parts. Honestly the story is pretty much about Harmony and everyone else is a side character.
    Ultimately this was an okay thriller/mystery story. Just don’t expect any unicorns pooping rainbows or ground breaking characters. In my opinion there isn’t a happily ever after so if that is all you’re into I would say stay clear of this tale and save yourself from the funky after feel you get left with.

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