Dark Vision by Debbie Johnson

Dark Vision (Dark Vision #1)

  • By Debbie Johnson
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: March 27th 2014 by Del Rey
  • Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: Fun & intriguing
  • rating-system3

    Lily McCain is cursed.
    With just one touch she can see a person’s future, whether it’s a good fortune or a terrible fate. Afraid of the potent visions she foresees, she distances herself from the world, succumbing to a life of solitude.
    But at the touch of a mysterious stranger – who has powers of his own – Lily sees a new, chilling future for herself: one where she is fated to make a terrible choice…

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    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: The rich paranormal world of this series (because after some digging around, I did find out it’s the beginning of a series, yey!) – gods & goddesses, vampires, awesomesauce warriors – wreaks havoc in UK (Liverpool, Dublin), and I really enjoyed it.
    Characters: Lily was very easy to like. She’s snarky, has a great sense of humor which she uses liberally to cope with what’s happening to her, and she’s easy to empathize with. I resonated with her on a very deep and personal level, though she annoyed me in places. I would have liked her to be more of a driving factor in the story, but that’s a subjective thing, of course. True, there’s a lot of having to adapt to rapid changes and huge news and all, but I would have loved Lily to respond somehow faster, be more decisive, take matters into her own hands a bit more. Not entirely, of course, it wouldn’t have been that plausible, I’ll grant you that. But I would have loved her to be incisive, I don’t know.
    Gabriel was everything I expected him to be, alpha male, supernatural, hot, domineering, and annoying, and kind of cute all in all 😀 There’s some very interesting chemistry between him and Lily, and I’d love to see how that evolves.
    Carmel was also a riot, Lily’s best friend and fellow gang member, so to speak 😀 I loved her. Luca was also fun, and the whole cast of secondaries was entertaining and quite charming, in a snarky kind of way that I so loved. I’d definitely love to see more of all of them in the future!
    Plot: The story was this mix of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. I had fun following what Lily went through, and I was so curious to see how things would end. But I can say the urban fantasy side could have used a bit more action, maybe. And the romance side could have used more romantic tension and romantic action, or at least some of it 😀 Yes, I’m a perv 😛 There’s more character development revolving around potential romance, making me think of Dark Vision as more of PNR than an UF. A HFN PNR, with potential for the HEA in future novels in the series, if I were to describe it.
    Writing: First person, past tense narrative, Lily’s POV. I loved her snarky voice, so I enjoyed her POV.
    Curb Appeal: Lovely cover, hooking blurb.

    All in all, I’d say I really had fun with Dark Vision and would love to give Dark Touch, #2 in the series, a try. It’s already out, so that might happen sooner rather than later. I suck at reading series, for some reason, lol.
    Anyway, I recommend Dark Vision to lovers of UF if they’re not too rabid-action-oriented, and to lover of PNR if they’re cool with fun stories and enjoy romantic elements rather than full-on romance. This is a kind of in-between sort of read imo, which I think means it could appeal to lovers of both genres. It’s light, a fast read, and entertaining. I say give it a try.


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