Indie Flutters: Intimate Geography by Tamsen Parker

Intimate Geography (The Compass #2)

  • By Tamsen Parker
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: March 2nd 2015
  • Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: Getting outside of your head and realizing what you want is right in front of you
  • rating-system5

    Fiercely protective of her heart, India Burke let down her defenses when Cris Ardmore went from another notch on her D/s playdate belt to everything she could never admit she wanted.
    But being disowned by your family and betrayed by your lover aren’t easy to get over, and India’s old fears of intimacy creep in against a backdrop of professional drama that forces her return to a place that never really felt like home.
    Though she proved her loyalty when it mattered most, love is about more than grand gestures and Cris wants all of her—which may be more than India is able to give. Can Cris and India navigate to a shared future or will they forever be off course?

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    I’m really digging this series! I’m so happy India and Crispin found their happily ever after. They went through a lot of bumps and roadblocks but they didn’t let those things keep them down. They wised up and realized that they wanted each other and no matter what life was going to throw at them, they would persevere together. I am equally exciting that this series is still continuing!!! YES!! I’m frigging hoping that the next book or books or hell the whole rest of the series is about Rey. Oh how I love this amazing dominant.
    This story takes off right where the first one stopped. This novel in my opinion, had more action things going on than romance type things. The romantic element still played a big roll, don’t get me wrong, but the sex scenes sort of took a back seat to India’s job obstacles. That’s not to say the sex scenes were lacking, no! They were still as hot as ever and uniquely their own. I really liked the other story arcs this presented it wasn’t just about India and Crispin, but India’s job, and a couple other characters that come out of the woodwork. Actually right behind Rey as my favorite character I actually really loved India’s boss, Jack! I thought he was going to be a problem in the first book but damn did he prove me wrong, he was kind of like a pseudo father to India and I loved it!
    India grew so much in this story as a character from beginning to end. Unfortunately it was still a slower kind of process. I liked that Crispin put his foot down (towards the middle of the story) and demanded more from her. But at the same time while reading from India’s perspective, she had made such leaps and bounds in terms of pushing herself to be in a seemingly regular relationship with Crispin. I kind of feel like they both didn’t give each other enough credit; Cris for being patient and understanding and India for going farther with him than any other guy.
    My one big problem with the story was India’s temporary falling out with Rey! UGH! I’m happy that she was able to see the light after a couple of months but at the same time she really shouldn’t have acted like a big ol’ brat in the first place. Also I had a slight problem with the time span of the story. Book 1 and book 2 span about 2 years of Crispin and India’s relationship. It didn’t really feel that long. While I was reading book 2, India alluded to the fact that they had been together for almost two years despite their hiccups, I was like whoa…two years? Really?? Already??? I was a little caught off guard but at the same time I was super happy because the author could have really dragged out the story made it super long winded.
    In the end this is a great BDSM series with a phenomenal heroine. It was different from what I was used to but a good different. I’m so ecstatic that the Compass series is continuing! I will definitely be on the lookout for more from this author!! If you’re in the mood for some extra steamy love scenes and a couple that just won’t quit, come and figure out which direction they are headed!!!



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