Indie Flutters: Teacher Beware by Charlotte Raine

Teacher Beware (Grace Ellery #1)

  • By Charlotte Raine
  • Editions: ebook
  • Published: December 8th 2014 by Arrabella Publishing
  • Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
  • Source: review copy
  • In a Flutter: A fast paced, suspense filled story
  • rating-system3

    Thirty-one year old Grace Ellery survived being stabbed multiple times in Ohio. Two years later, she moves to Murray, Virginia to get a new lease on life.
    On her first day of substitute teaching, her new life is nearly cut short when she finds herself in the middle of a shooting that leaves a married couple dead. Luckily, she is saved by Sam Meadows, a cardiologist, but the shooter has disappeared by the time the police come around.
    When the shooter tries to kill Grace again, Sam and Grace realize that the killer won’t stop until she is dead. With a killer who has nothing to lose, the question isn’t if the killer will attack again, but when and who will be in the crosshairs. A romance/murder-mystery wrapped in the aspects of life: love, family, forgiveness, danger, and death.

    ~ Goodreads


    Fluttering Thoughts:

    World Building: This novel was set in the little Virginia town of Murray. And with the crazy suspense and murders in this town everyone is completely shaken. It brings some people together while others are torn apart.
    Characters: There is Sam, Grace, and Deke as the main characters. I unfortunately couldn’t really connect to any of them. It could have been because everything was so fast paced that I didn’t really feel like I got to go on a journey with them.
    Plot: The novel had a few story arcs. A very light romance arc between Sam and Grace. A suspense/thriller arc involving Deke and the town. And a tiny story arc of Grace’s past which leads into a second novel. It was really fast paced. Everything was like wam, bam, thank you mam. I wish there was a little more closure with the shooter. I wish I could have read what the shooter’s family felt like after they learned what happened and had more closure with the main characters.
    Writing: This story is the first in the series and was told in first person points of view of the three main characters: Deke, Sam, and Grace. It was also told in past/present points of view. Which was a little interesting because each time the past was presented it gradually got closer and closer to the present time until Deke, Sam, and Grace were telling their points of view solely in the present.
    Curb Appeal: The cover of the book is pretty creepy in my opinion and gives off that good thriller suspense vibe. The blurb is true to the story and pretty much tells you everything you need to know in a nutshell.
    Ultimately: This was fast paced story jam packed with suspense. It had a sweet and simple romance that some would say had an insta love vibe. If you want something a little different in terms of romantic suspense, that is light on the romance and heavy on the suspense, I’d say this would be a good bet.



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