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Forever Red

  • By Carina Adams
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: April 9th 2015
  • Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Source: review copy
  • In a Flutter: Angsty Awesomenessness!!!!!!!!!
  • rating-system5

    Not afraid to speak his mind or make a scene, Nathaniel Kelly has made a name for himself as country music’s ultimate bad boy.
    Covered in tattoos, singing songs about drugs, drinking and heartache, Nate acts more like an out of control rock star than the grandson of one of the genres most influential and legendary stars. Every man wants to be him. Every woman wants just one night with the hard-rocking country rebel.
    Except me. I just want to know that the boy I used to love is happy and that I didn’t break his heart in vain. That’s why I buy every magazine that even mentions his name; at least, that’s the story I tell myself.
    When my friends gave me a birthday present any fan would die for, I was suddenly face-to-face with the man I never thought I’d see again. My body wasn’t supposed to react to him the way it did. And, Nate sure as hell wasn’t supposed to look at me the way he used to.
    Can someone you loved as a teenager really have a hold on your heart twelve years later? Is it ever too late to say you’re sorry and make up for past wrongs? I’m about to find out.

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    This book was put right on my favorite list the second I got done with it! This was fantastic! The writing and the characters and the plot were a breath of fresh air. It was so completely and utterly filled with angst but I think that’s what made this story great.
    Cecelia aka Lia aka Cece wanted nothing more than to get through high school and out of her dead end town. No one was going to hold her back, not her best friends, not her mom and certainly no boy. But that all changes when countrified Alabama boy, Nathaniel, walks in. Can he make it through her hard outer persona to get to the girl, inside that just wants to be loved? Or when push comes to shove will Lia high tail it out of her town burning down every bridge she built, and hoping for the best?
    Nathaniel aka Nate aka Neil had his whole life imploded. Due to multiple heartaches and personal tragedies, the last thing Neil wants to do is move to a town that is nothing like his beloved Alabama home. But what he wasn’t counting on was “Red”. The girl that not only showed him what true love really means but was someone that put his needs above her own. Can Neil navigate the high school drama and make it out with his true love and future intact? Or will his life implode yet again and leave him standing on the sidelines asking why?
    Lia and Neil were so great together! I loved that they were best friends first and then became more. I loved that they were willing to sacrifice things for each other and ultimately tried to lift one another up. In the second part of the novel I thought that Lia grew into such a strong character! Things that she did, thought, and said, I don’t think the women I know could be that graceful, selfless, and put others before them. Neil’s appearance might have changed over the years, but he still ended up being the same sweet guy she met when they were teenagers!
    It was different going from an athlete sort of book, since Neil was in football, to a singer/rocker sort of book because Neil ended up growing up into a singer. It was different but a fantastic sort of different! It pretty much combined two of my favorite types of heros into one wonderful guy!! I’m so glad that this story was presented in dual points of view of Lia and Neil because it was great to get that insight between the two of them.
    This story was broken up into two parts. Part One: Then and Part Two: Now. It was pretty unique in the sense that it could have been two separate books. Part One takes place when the main characters meet in high school and also takes you through their junior and senior year. Part Two is about twelve years later when everyone is in their thirties and they meet each other once again. Each part was very thorough and in of itself one story. I am really glad that the author lumped them together because I would have died at the end of Par One because that would’ve been a killer, killer cliffhanger.
    Ms. Adams you are awesome!! She was an author I had never heard of before but this book seemed right up my alley and I just couldn’t pass it up! Ultimately this story is about a love that, despite its ups and downs, doesn’t die. It doesn’t diminish no matter how many people walk in and out of Neil and Lia’s lives. It stays strong and deep and ends up being fortified through the years. If you guys are ready for an angst filled roller coaster ride that ends in a lovely HEA please, please come and find out why Neil is down for Forever Red!!!!! 🙂

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