Indie Flutters: Beautiful Surrender by Priscilla West

Beautiful Surrender (Forever #3)

  • By Priscilla West
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: January 1st 2013
  • Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: Intense!
  • rating-system4

    “What gives you a thrill Kristen?”
    The conclusion to the Surrender Series by Priscilla West.
    No one is who they seem to be.
    Kristen let Vincent into her heart because he seemed so different from everyone in her conservative world of wealth management. She thought they shared something special, but when she realizes that Vincent has been playing her the entire time, her heart is crushed.
    As Kristen’s relationship with Vincent reaches a crisis point, a man from Kristen’s past returns looking for a second chance. Is her ex-boyfriend really looking for redemption or is his goal something more sinister?
    Kristen struggles to hold herself together, until she discovers a revelation that will change everything.

    ~ Goodreads


    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: This third novella in the Forever series and again is set in the great city of Manhattan. There isn’t any continent hopping this time, but it was a nice change of pace.
    Characters: Again, there is the heroine Kristin and the hero Vincent but we do get introduced to Marty, Kristin’s ex, a whole lot more! Marty was actually a complex character. I felt for him and his condition sometimes while other times I just wanted to beat him up!
    Plot: This novella was super intense compared to the first two! This is where the climax of the series happened and where the past and present collide, it was kind of crazy. I wish we were able to see more of Marty’s character while he was calm and first talking to Kristin when he popped back into her life, instead of his character going from zero to sixty in 1.25 seconds when Vincent was involved. Also this novella went pretty fast. I felt a little rushed towards the end but I was happy that it ended in a HEA.
    Writing: This story is told in first person points of view of Kristin and in a few chapters Vincent as well! It was also told in a past/present point of view, which gave a good amount of background on Marty as well as Vincent.
    Curb Appeal: The cover was still the same “couple” and it’s great! The blurb totally has you on the edge of your seat and gives you the same intense feeling as reading the book does.

    This was a great conclusion to the Forever series! There wasn’t really any cliff-hangers or little blurbs of other characters. All in all if you’re in the mood for exs that just keep coming back and a romance that is a whirlwind come and see why the Forever series has you coming back for more!



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