Bee on Books: The King’s Druidess by Sky Purington

The King’s Druidess (MacLomain 0.5)

  • By Sky Purington
  • Editions: ebook
  • Published: September 17th 2011 (first published July 11th 2007)
  • Genre: Adult Historical Fantasy Romance
  • Source: own copy
  • In a Buzz: Very short, very hot and very entertaining
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    If the gods of Ireland request that Chiomara couple with the king, so be it. If it is also their wish that he marry another woman who is she to stand in their way?
    Erc thinks only of Chiomara. Her beauty is surreal. But that is not enough when faced with the obligations of king. His people must come first. His future queen, Macha, must come first. Will Erc risk all for what lays in his heart?

    ~ Goodreads


    About the Author: Sky Purington is New England born and bred and has always loved to write stories. A short detour via poetry made her realise that stories and history are her thing. Then she started writing the stories in her mind and has never looked back.

    You have met her before on Butterfly-O-Meter Books as the first book of the previous MacLomain series was featured in 2013. She has also written a guest post about her Forsaken Brethren Series.

    Fluttering Thoughts:

    That’s Sweet: This book is the Prelude to The MacLomain Series which I did not realise when I started reading it. I was finished after a few days and thought: Well, that’s short!” But then I had a closer look and realised why. But to be honest: That was a pretty good thing, and I wondered if I should start reading some more novella-kind-of books.
    I am a huge fan of all things Druid and especially Druidess as they usually showcase strong female characters which I really love. Chiomora is such a strong female character who on top of it all travels a lot. Brilliant.

    Of course, there is a forbidden love involved, and I was surprised at the outcome. I did not expect it to be like this, but I’ve decided not to give any spoilers. You better read it yourself J. You have to just because of the sizzling passion between King and Druidess.
    That Stings: The language felt a little funny at the beginning. It is what you expect from a historical romance that I have not read a lot yet. It was just a question of getting used to it. Once I was in it, it rather entertained me.
    And the Honey of it all? This book is worth reading and a great beginning to a longer romance series. I surely will have a look at the other books.



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