Indie Flutters: Sweet Girl by Cristin Harber

Sweet Girl (Titan #1.5)

  • By Cristin Harber
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: July 7th 2014 by Mill Creek Press
  • Genre: New Adult Romantic Suspense
  • Source: own copy
  • In a Flutter: First love!
  • rating-system5

    Sometimes falling in love means going through hell…
    She’s a sweet girl.
    Nicola Hart grew up under the heels of her older brother and his sexy best friend, Cash Garrison. Years of ignoring her spark with Cash has transformed their friendship into a slow burning sizzle. One night with him could ruin everything. Or it could be more than she ever dreamed. They play. They flirt. But they haven’t crossed the line because too much is at stake. Family. Friendship. And the deepest kind of love that she’d have to be crazy to walk away from.
    He can’t stay away from.
    She’s his best friend’s little sister. The definition of hands off. Cash has tried to ignore her for years. Those innocent eyes and her smile that screams kiss-me-if-you-dare… Instead, he’s looked at every pretty little thing who’s crossed his path, all to ignore the girl he seems destined to want. But when his hard partying ways get old and everyone at school is interested in Nicola, it’s time to stake a claim. To make Nicola his girl, no matter the risks, and hold the hand of the one he really loves.

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    This was such an interesting little novella! This is the prequel to the novel Garrison’s Creed but does not need to be read in order to understand the novel. I love the cliché of best friends falling in love and this novella does it wonderfully! Cash is your typical player with a heart of gold and Nicola is his best friend’s younger sister, who is also his best friend. She is sweet and at times you can see the feistiness manifest out of her.
    Nicola Hart has been in love with her best friend for as long as she can remember. But there are a couple of problems; a.) He is totally out of her league and b.) He just so happens to be her brother’s best friend too. Nicola was a complex character. She had her shy and somewhat unassuming side when it came to Cash. But when it came to her work she also had this crazy tenacious side! I enjoyed her character immensely and with regards to the choices she made, I’m not sure if I would have been strong enough to do what she did.
    Cash Garrison is a trouble maker and heartbreaker. But all of that is a facade. He goes out of his way to get the girls all because the one he really wants, who is right in front of him, he just can’t have. Cash was such a playful character! When he and Nicola explored their relationship he turned into such a sweet charmer. I loved all sides of Cash and as the novella went on I fell more and more in love with him!!!
    I loved that this story had two main arcs going on at the same time. Obviously it had the romance brewing between Cash and Nicola which was sweet and had all the butterflies you could imagine. But then it also had this thriller/suspense action going on in the background. It really isn’t revealed until the ending chapters but there are snippets throughout the whole novella if you pay enough attention to the details.
    Holy-freaking-Moly the ending…just totally crushed me!!!! If I didn’t know the whole story, both of Cash’s and Nicola’s sides, I would have probably thrown my cell phone across the room and cried a whole lot more! The last couple of chapters were killer and definitely end on a cliffhanger. It made my heartbreak for the characters and what they went through!
    All in all this was a fantastic novella in the Titan series! This story has me completely invested in what happens to Cash and Nicola and I’m telling you it will have you hooked as well! If you’re in the mood for a sweet talking country boy that wears cowboy hats and a girl that is willing to give up her whole life for the people she loves, come and find out why Nicola is Cash’s Sweet Girl!!!



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