Indie Flutters: Piercing Ecstasy by Setta Jay

Piercing Ecstasy (Guardians of the Realms #5)

  • By Setta Jay
  • Editions: ebook, paperback,}
  • Published January 31st 2015
  • Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
  • Source: NetGalley
  • rating-system4

    After a hellish month of searching, Immortal warrior Jax and his brethren, the Guardians of the Realms, are nowhere near finding the sleeping God who was stolen by their enemy. As if that isn’t problem enough, after millennia, other Guardians are dropping like flies to the mating frenzy. Jax never dreamed he could be next. After all, he’s too flawed, his sexual appetite too insatiable to ever be completely fulfilled by one being. Could a lone female even handle his needs let alone quench his never ending desire?
    Ileana lives a solitary life in the shadows, a ghost thirsting for vengeance. A warrior Ailouros, half cat, whose sheer existence has been kept secret by a special ability no one can know exists, she is closed off and trusts no one. After thousands of years spent in near isolation while hunting her prey, she has finally found a clue leading to the location of her enemy. Revenge is at hand.
    When a fantastically hot Guardian unknowingly puts himself in the middle of a deadly intrigue, nearly ruining her careful plans, Ileana is forced to make a choice. Her one chance at finding vengeance will hinge on hurling them both into piercing ecstasy.
    Warning: This book is intended for an adult audience. There are dirty talking Guardians with bad language, some violence, and explicit scenes hot enough to give you cat scratch fever.

    ~ Goodreads

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    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: This novel takes place all over the Tetartos realm. I like how that realm mimics the Earth realm so it’s a little easier to understand where the characters are throughout their search for Elizabeth.
    Characters: The main characters in the novel are Jax and Ileana. Both are Ailouros aka half cats but, have vastly different pasts. Jax has been unable to satisfy his sexual appetite for as long as he can remember. How can one female possibly be everything he could want or for that matter, need? Ileana wants nothing but justice for what she lost long ago. She hadn’t even fathomed having a mate until he fell into her lap. Can these two overcome their preconceived notions of what will happen after the mating or will his sexual appetite and her need for vengeance overcome any chance of happiness that they could have?
    Plot: This story was a little slow going in terms of the action until the ending. There were a couple of twist and turns and surprises that showed up throughout the novel, which I am very excited about!! The romance was a little lackluster compared to the other couples but I understand there are only so many ways to make sex scenes new again. As for Brianne and Vane, the underlining couple in the last couple books, I was so happy that they ended up being fine and back to fighting alongside their family!
    Writing: This novel is told in first person points of view of both Jax and Ileana as well as past and present points of view. Elizabeth and Drake have points of view alongside Jax and Ileana throughout the novel too.
    Curb Appeal: When I first saw the cover I was a little confused at what I was looking at and then I realized it was a thigh! It’s different than the other covers but it grew on me! The blurb gives a great description of Ileana but as for Jax his description didn’t really translate well into the story. His “appetite” within the story never seemed to be that much of a problem as the blurb suggested.
    Ultimately: This novel sets up a lot of plot points for the next books in the series and I’m super excited!!! I’m not sure what is going to happen next in terms of finding the missing God and what the underlying plot will be but I’m so ready to find out!! If you are in the mood for a feisty warrior female and an alpha male who will do anything for his woman then come check out Piercing Ecstasy!!!



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