Happy Holidays!

I celebrate Christmas today, but for everyone else around the world, Happy December-25 depending on what you are celebrating, lol! My thinking is December-25 covers just about everything, lol!

The lovely Rissa is on vacay until next year (sounds so dramatic, right? haha!), so you’ll meet her lovely features, Blossoms&Flutters and Indie Flutters starting January 10th.
I’m coming back December 28 and 29 with two reviews of two awesome novels coming out soon, then I’m on vacay too xDDD Until January the 5th.
Just thought you guys could use a schedule update for this time of the year, cause I know you’re all spending these days with family friends just like I am, but you wouldn’t wanna miss out on anything important xD

That being said, I wish you and your families all the best and a fabulous end of year!



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