Indie Flutters: Believe by Natalie Gayle

Believe (Oni Fighters #2)

  • By Natalie Gayle
  • Editions: ebook
  • Published: December 1st 2015 by EBS
  • Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: Having the strength to believe in oneself!
  • rating-system4

    Have you ever hit a point in your life where everything looks good from the outside but there’s this feeling deep in your gut that tells you something is wrong?
    Dane Roberts was just an ordinary guy—so he thought. Best friend to MMA fight sensation Xander Todd, and all round decent guy. But now a restlessness surrounds him. Dare he reach for more? Could he too emulate his best friend’s results in the cage?
    Arianne Le Flegg was a woman starting over, with her son. Running from a past littered with broken promises, manipulation and violent abuse at the hands of family. Violence terrified her on every level. She longed for an “ordinary life”—safety for herself and her son.
    Can there ever be a future for two people who view violence so differently? One embraces it, the other dispels it. One is seeking the extraordinary, the other ordinary. She longs for the type of man he’s trying to leave behind.
    For there to ever be a future together, they’ll need to dig deep and decide what really is important to each of them.
    To do this, they must first accept—The hardest demons to defeat are the ones inside.
    They’ll have to Believe

    ~ Goodreads

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    This novel was such a great follow up from Brave!!! I loved how it was the same timeline and how we finally got to see what was going on with Dane! These characters were so heartwarming and real. Their struggles and roller coaster ride of emotions just leaped off of the page!
    Arianne Le Flegg has lived a brutal life. After years of being abused at the hands of a monster, her so called husband, she is ready to start a new life for herself and her son, Isaac. But getting involved with a man was never part of the plan, let alone a man that is so entrenched with violence. Can Dane prove that they have a real shot at a fantastic life together? Or will old fears and new threats tear them apart before they can even get started?
    Dane Roberts believes he is nothing but ordinary. Always cruising through life and never having to put his full effort in, he doesn’t believe he is deserving of the things he has. His life seemed empty and meaningless, until a certain little Miss came in and turned it inside out. Can he find what is looking for in Arianne?? Or will training for the biggest fight of his career, be what he needed all along?
    There was something about the way this story is written that I just couldn’t jive with. I think that it was a little long winded and did a lot of “telling” instead of “showing”, if you get my drift. But despite that I loved the story!! The fact that Ari had a son already (I love stories with children already in them!) and that Dane was so accepting of her child and what she had already gone through was amazing.
    I liked how the relationship progressed slowly and fast all at the same time. I loved the multiple story arcs that were present; it wasn’t just about Ari and Dane’s blossoming romance, or Ari’s psychotic ex-husband, or even Dane’s upcoming fight. It was everything and it even touched on Isaac’s growing up and how Dane helped build up Isaac’s confidence.
    All in all, this was a great glimpse into Dane’s life! This novel can be read a standalone but I would recommend reading the Oni Fighters series from the beginning! I’m so excited that Seth’s book will be next!! If you are in the mood for a man that is anything but ordinary and a woman that wants a second chance at living, then come find out why is isn’t so hard to Believe!!!



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