Modern Mythical Creatures by Katherine McIntyre

Hunting for Spring

  • By Katherine McIntyre
  • Editions: ebook
  • Published: January 12th 2016 by Loose Id
  • Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy / Romance
  • Hunters are a lonely breed, and Conor’s no exception, until the day he meets Brenna. Even though she slinks in unannounced and kills the wight he was hunting down, the girl’s a mystery and he can’t get that blinding smile or those gorgeous curves off his mind. Since they’re both after the same caster who’s unleashing these monsters, he suggests teaming up, and despite her initial reluctance, the hungry way she scans him down promises something powerful.
    However, her secrets have repercussions, and faster than Conor can lift his Glock, he’s drawn into the web of kidnappings and Unseelie mischief, all concealing the machinations of a darker foe—one that plans to bring Philly to ruin.

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    Guest Post: Modern Mythical Creatures

    by Katherine McIntyre

    One of the trickiest parts about writing a story with creatures of myth is the problem with myth itself. There are no hard and fast rules for phoenixes, and yet time and time again, authors have taken creative license. While this does great things for the creative juices—just look at how many stories are inspired by fairy tales and legends—it can also create conflicting ‘rule’ sets for each sort of creature. Repetitive traits in tales have given us a basic guide to what we expect—color me unsurprised for a unicorn’s horn to grant healing, or a phoenix to rise from the ashes, but even still, the final decision lies with the storyteller.
    Hence why I was thrilled to tackle a couple mythical creatures of my own in Hunting for Spring.
    Urban fantasy is the perfect excuse to integrate monsters, and one of the ones I was most excited about employing was the manticore. I’ll be honest, before diving into it, my scope of the creature was limited to the mention in the Last Unicorn, of the false manticore in Mummy Fortuna’s show. Needless to say, I wasn’t well-versed on the subject, however, using a manticore as one of the enemies gave me an excuse to jump in.
    What does a manticore look like? According to old tales, these creatures have the bodies of a lion, face and ears of a human, a scorpion’s tail, and a sharp toothed mouth—we’re talking three sets of these jagged teeth. Altogether, the makings of a nightmare. What could possibly make this creature more terrifying? Oh yeah, wings—because when you run into horrible monsters on the streets, the ability to fly really turns your chances to shit.
    I wouldn’t be doing my job as an author if I made things easy for Conor, Brenna, and the rest of the supernatural fighting squad though. So of course, my version had wings, venomous scorpion tail—the whole she-bang. I took a lot of the recognizable traits and did my own spin on the manticore, as I do with all the monsters I use in my stories, making it a part of this unique world. Manticores are just the tip of the iceberg in this new urban fantasy though, so make sure to check out all the other nightmares crawling through the city in Hunting for Spring.

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    A modern day Renaissance-woman, Katherine McIntyre has learned soapmaking, beer brewing, tea blending, and most recently roasting coffee. Most of which make sure she’s hydrated and bathed while she spends the rest of her time writing. With a desire to travel and more imagination than she knows what to do with, all the stories jumping around in her head led to the logical route of jotting them down on paper. Not only can her poetry and prose be found in different magazines, but she’s had an array of novels and novellas published through Decadent Publishing, Boroughs Publishing, Hazardous Press, and Jupiter Gardens Press. For more casual content, she’s a regular contributor on, a geek news website.

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