Indie Flutters: This is Love, Baby by K. Webster

This is Love, Baby (War & Peace #2)

  • By K. Webster
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: March 29th 2016
  • Genre: here {Age Group (Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, Adult) Primary Genre / Secondary Genre}
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  • In a Flutter: The best people go through the hardest journeys
  • rating-system5

    My War was over and I had lost. My captor reminded me I was nothing more than his pawn.
    His strategy never changed…it was always me.
    But what he didn’t know was that LOVE always wins.
    In my War, I’d found not only peace
    but LOVE as well.
    I’d been through a battlefield with my War and LOVE was what brought us to the other side.
    Our LOVE was beautiful and pure. Undying.
    My captor thinks he has won this war. That I will LOVE him.
    What he doesn’t know is this time, I’m the one with a strategy. I’m always thinking several moves ahead of him, my War taught me that.
    I will outsmart him and find peace again.
    This is a war I will win.
    My LOVE will conquer all.
    This is Love, Baby is a dark romance. Strong sexual themes and violence which could trigger emotional distress are found in this story. Terrible, terrible things happen to our poor heroine, so you’ve been properly warned. This story is NOT for everyone.

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    Holy moly this second novel in the War & Peace series is a freaking doozy!!! This is Love, Baby picks up right where the first novel ended and it is so, so good. This novel is different from the one before because these scenes and characters just seemed to gut me and devastate me all at the same time. The first novel turned my stomach and disgusted me in a way, due in large part of the dark scenes and Gabe’s sadistic pleasures. This novel made me want to cry the whole time because of the innocence and bright futures that were snatched away from the characters and how this whole experience didn’t change everyone for the better.
    Baylee had gotten everything she had ever wanted only to have it cruelly ripped away from her. Back again with the mad man Gabe, she thought she knew how horrible her life was about to get, but she had no idea. Having Brandon bust back into her life was a godsend, or so she thought. But something has changed with Brandon, no longer is he the happy go lucky, gentle guy she used to date. Now in his place is a man with a hard glint to his eye and a possessiveness she has never encountered. Before, all she needed to do was escape a mad man but now she has to escape her best friend too.
    Brandon has changed. Over the past four months he has relentlessly searched, worried, and planned for his beloved girlfriend’s return. Baylee was his everything and he will stop at nothing to find her again and make her whole. But things have changed. His feelings towards her and his words have gotten darker and harsher. Even though Baylee is the light of his life, not even she, can illuminate the now darkened parts of his soul. No longer is he the gentle boy he used to be, now he is a reborn man who will keep the men that stole Baylee’s body and heart away. Doing any and everything to make her his.
    War may not survive. The bullet might’ve ripped through his chest but the devastated look on Baylee’s tear stained face shredded his heart. War knows he has to fight to live if he wants to fight to get Baylee back but surgeries don’t always go to plan. And if his past has taught him anything, it is that his demons might make living without her, impossible.
    Gabe won’t be stopped. It might’ve taken him a little bit longer to get Baylee back than he said, but now he has her and she is in her rightful home. But people keep trying to take away what is his. And not even death can stop a man on a mission. Baylee is his and anyone who gets in his way will meet their maker.
    This story is definitely one that will stay with me for a while. Even though I couldn’t stand Brandon by the end of this novel, I felt so devastated for him! K. Webster writes so well that even though parts of these characters appall you and you hate them, you also want to hold them close and tell them everything will be okay. You feel for their struggle and it’s hard to hold their faults against them when you know they didn’t used to be all that bad.
    Ultimately, this novel was a crazy ride!! The story and characters were taken to new heights and it didn’t disappoint! But that ending though!!! I have no idea what to make of it, it left me feeling like there was some unfinished business that could open the doors for another novel so I’m definitely keeping my eyes open on that front! All in all, if you read the first novel in this series or heck even if you didn’t, you have to come check out these characters and this harrowing story!!! I promise that in the end the journey will be totally worth it!!!



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