Blossoms & Flutters: Sexiest Couple Alive by M. Clarke

Sexiest Couple Alive (Knight Fashion #2)

  • By M. Clarke
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: May 23rd 2016
  • Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Source: own copy
  • In a Flutter: Making it against all odds!
  • rating-system4

    Nathan Cross is living his dream. Not only is he modeling for Knight Fashion Magazine, recently voted “sexiest man alive,” but he is dating a beautiful photographer who could be his new future. When he unexpectedly reunites with his past love, his world crashes around him. Two loves. The past or the future: which one will he choose?
    Olivia’s past choices come back to haunt her and could ruin everything she has worked so hard to build. Troy has the power to destroy any hope of happiness. She will do everything to keep that from happening, even if it means giving up her second chance with Nathan. Lies. Revenge. Scandal. Olivia could lose it all.

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    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: This story primarily takes place in Los Angeles but does have a chapter or two in New York City.
    Characters: The main characters in this novel are Nathan Cross and Olivia Hunt. After being thrown together by fate and meeting again in the most unlikely of circumstances, Nathan and Olivia are left reeling. Feelings from the past two years start bubbling to the surface as old enemies come out of the dark. Can Nathan and Olivia follow what their hearts are trying to tell them or will outside forces achieve their goals of keeping Nathan and Oliva apart forever?
    Plot: When drama happened, shit hit the fan big time! One minute your dealing with these character’s feelings of “I love that person but I don’t love that person” and then all of a sudden crazy comes out of nowhere and it blew up big time! This novel’s plot I liked a lot better than the first novel because it’s more about Nathan and Olivia coming together versus how they fell apart. This story isn’t as angst filled as the first novel which was a nice change of pace. Also this novel starts right where the first one ended so to get the full effect of the characters and their actions the first novel is a must read.
    Writing: This novel was told in first person points of view of Nathan and Olivia. It also ended with a point of view of Oliva and Nathan’s good friends; Isla and Josh, which sets up the story for the next Knight Fashion novel: Sexiest Model Alive.
    Curb Appeal: The cover is great! I love how kept with the same theme of being a magazine cover and I could totally see these models as Nathan and Olivia! The blurb is short and to the point! It sums of the key points in the novel but leaves lots and lots of surprises in store!
    Ultimately: This was a much better continuation of the first novel! I liked how the characters evolved and the choices they made a second time around. The drama was not something I was anticipating but it did add another layer to this intense second chance love story. All in all, if you are in the mood for some bad model behavior but a second chance romance that just can’t be stopped then come check out Sexiest Couple Alive!!

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