Indie Flutters: Stroked by Meghan Quinn

Stroked (Stroked #1)

  • By Meghan Quinn
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: July 20th 2016 by Hot-Lanta Publishing
  • Genre: Adult Contmporary Romance
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: Going after the gold!!
  • rating-system4

    Reese King: Olympic medalist, underwear model, Greek god.
    His body is chiseled from rock, sculpted by the weight room, and refined by water.
    On a daily basis his skin is completely bare for everyone to see, tan and defined, only covered up by a minuscule piece of spandex. There is no denying his sex appeal.
    I hate to admit it, but I’m head over heels infatuated with him.
    There is one HUGE problem though. His achingly gorgeous abs, inked up arm, and cocky swagger belong to my boss, the high-profile, reality star bitch from hell and certified heinous human being, Bellini Chambers.
    What I think is going to be an easy job assisting a glorified wench turns into a cluster f*ck of epic proportions.

    ~ Goodreads


    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: This story kind of has a setting of all over the place! It starts out in Malibu, then hitches a ride to Nebraska, and then hits the Olympics in Rio! There wasn’t too much scenery descriptions but knowing that there were different locations for Olympic trials and such was pretty cool!
    Characters: The main characters in this novel are Reese King aka The Silver Stroke and Paisley Macarro. This is Reese’s last chance to take home a gold medal from the Olympics. He’s on his way out and the only way to get more endorsements is to hitch his name with one of the most infamous girls of his time, Bellini Chambers. But keeping up with his fake girlfriend is hard work especially when he meets their new assistant, Paisley. Can he get through his last Olympics without messing up and missing out on the gold? Or will he let the girl of his dreams slip through his fingers and leave him wondering; what if? Paisley messed up and now she’s paying for it. Being the assistant to a one Miss Bellini Chambers, is the worst job in the history of jobs, but she has no choice but to be the best assistant she can be. And that means no dilly dallying with Bellini’s super-hot, two-time Olympic winner boyfriend. But she can’t help the longing that enters her eyes when she sees him or the way her heart flutters when he whispers how bad he wants her. Can Paisley stick to the no hanky panky rule and revive her career? Or will she give in to temptation and wreck everything she has ever worked for? I loved that Paisley was Native American because I rarely read characters who are of that nationality let alone a heroine. But I definitely would have like to read more about her home life and how she grew up.
    Plot: This was such a different kind of plot wrapped up in a regular kind of romance! I loved that Reese was an Olympic swimmer and Paisley was the assistant of his fake girlfriend Bellini. Pretty much the Kardashians meets the Olympics without the Kardashians actually being the main characters.
    Writing: This novel is told in first person points of view of Reese, Paisley, and Bellini. Reading Bellini’s point of view was totally and completely mind numbing. I thought that the author was just going to throw it in for a one-time thing but it was present throughout the novel, and this chick is just ridiculous! I think if the Bellini’s point of view was taken out, the novel would’ve been less long winded.
    Curb Appeal: This cover is hot! Definitely the main reason I clicked this novel but the blurb was the real reason I wanted to read this story! It sounded so deliciously drama filled and it was! The blurb leaves out so much but gives just enough to keep the reader intrigued.
    Ultimately: This novel was a little long winded but I really loved the overall story! Most of the chapters had laugh out loud scenes and I loved the hero and heroine! All in all, if you are in the mood for two people who are damned if they do and damned if they don’t then come check out Stroked!!!



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