Indie Flutters: Stroked Long by Meghan Quinn

Stroked Long (Stroked #2)

  • By Meghan Quinn
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: September 20th 2016 by Hot-Lanta Publishing
  • Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: Overcoming the past to get the love you deserve!
  • rating-system5

    From his dirty-blond hair and breathtaking smile, to the abs from heaven and the irresistible V in his waistline, everything about Bodi Olympic-gold-medalist Banks screams hot piece of @$$.
    Yet there’s more.
    Dark shadows lurk behind his soulful, serious eyes.
    I’m enamored. He’s captured me.
    How can running an art foundation with Bodi Banks turns into a slow-burning, epic romance, even though he tries to push me away at every chance? How can I stay away from a broken, routine-driven man whose soul cries to be forgiven for a crime only he believes he committed? Or is that a lie?

    ~ Goodreads


    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: This story takes place in Los Angeles. It moves around a bit due to the Olympic trials and the Olympics but mainly stays in one place.
    Characters: The main characters in this novel are Bodi Banks and Ruby Hearts. Bodi is an amazing swimmer and an Olympic gold medalist. But all of that is a façade. Not many people know him and he likes to keep it that way. He has suffered an unimaginable horror in his past and what resulted is not something that he shares with anyone. That is until a Miss Ruby Hearts glitter busts her way into his life. Everything is turned upside down and inside out but he’s holding on to a terrible secret that he knows will scare her away. But as much as he wants her to turn away, he wants her to stay much more. Can Bodi overcome the demons in his past before it’s too late? Or will his fears become too much and cost him someone who could have been his everything? Ruby is a little something that folks like to call crazy. But not crazy crazy just the kind where in any situation she has diarrhea of the mouth. She’s a bright colored nut job with a heart of gold, who can’t get the magnificent Bodi Banks out of her mind. When they are thrown together on a project, Ruby can’t thank her lucky stars enough and as she gets to know the man behind the medals she falls deeper and deeper in love. But nobody said relationships were easy and when secrets are kept, the bonds become strained. Can Ruby convince Bodi that she will love him no matter what? Or will the past prove too hard to overcome?
    Plot: This story was mostly about the romance budding between Bodi and Ruby and it was so much fun to read! I like that in this story, the Olympics was an added bonus instead of the main story line.
    Writing: This novel is told in first person points of view of Bodi and Ruby. This is the second novel in the Stroked series but can be read as a standalone. It also has the same time line of the first novel which was a nice set up.
    Curb Appeal: I really enjoy these Stroked series covers *wink wink*!!! It does seem to represent Bodi although I would have wished it was a little bit darker. The blurb just gives the reader tinny tiny taste of the story! Honestly this story offers so much more than the burb lets on!
    Ultimately: I loved this novel!!! Every single thing out of Ruby’s mouth is freaking GOLD!!! I loved her character so much and it was fantastic to read how well she melded with Bodi, since he was the exact opposite! All in all, if you are in the mood for a broken hero who wants to have love for the first time and heroine who will do anything for her man than come check out Stroked Long!!!!



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