Indie Flutters: Wicked Fall by Sawyer Bennett

Wicked Fall (The Wicked Horse #1)

  • By Sawyer Bennett
  • Editions: audiobook, ebook, paperback
  • Published: July 28th 2015 by Big Dog Books
  • Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Source: own copy
  • In a Flutter: Following your dreams!
  • rating-system5

    Never in your wildest dreams could you begin to imagine all the filthy and depraved things that go on inside The Wicked Horse. Step inside and Woolf Jennings will make every one of your dirty fantasies come true.
    He’s covered in a facade of deception. An enticing blend of multi-millionaire and hot-as-hell Wyoming rancher, those that think they know Woolf Jennings admire his abilities to preside as CEO of his family’s cattle and oil empire. But only a privileged few truly understand what fuels the glitter of depravity in those gorgeous blue eyes. Only a few know he’s opened up a sinfully erotic and private sex club named The Wicked Horse right at the base of the beautiful Teton Mountain range.
    Sweet Callie Hayes has returned home to Wyoming and is looking forward to starting her life over again. After a night of impetuosity, she’s managed to put herself right in Woolf’s line of sight… the man who she foolishly offered up her virginity to years ago and was flatly turned down.
    Now Woolf is seeing that Callie is all grown up and has a kinky side to her that leaves him as confused as it does turned on. Worse yet, both Callie’s dirty desires and sweet heart are getting under his skin, and making Woolf question everything he’s ever believed about himself.

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    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: This story takes place in Wyoming, mostly on the Double J ranch.
    Characters: The main characters in this novel are Woolf Jennings and Callie Hayes. Woolf Jennings is the CEO of one of the largest cattle and oil businesses in the Northwest. But he doesn’t want to be. After his father died and his brother left for life on the East coast, the blessing and burden of running the ranch was left to him. Unfortunately, his heart just isn’t in the business but when an opportunity arises for him to open a business more suitable to his needs, things start working out for the better. Until a Miss Callie Hayes comes home! Seeing her in his club is like a shock to the system and even more shocking is her curiosity about his side business aka the wicked sex club. As much as he tries to shelter her from the filthy things that go on behind closed doors the more she wiggles her way under his skin. Can he keep Callie on the right side of the doors? Or will she force her way in, the same way she is forcing herself into his heart? Callie Hayes is the daughter of the great Governor of Wyoming. But that’s not all she is. After leaving her cookie cutter life behind, she returns home hoping to reinvent herself. And then she sees the man that she has had a crush on for her entire life. Woolf Jennings turned her life upside down when she was younger and now that they reconnected he is turning her life inside out. Can Callie accept the type of lifestyle Woolf is into now? Or will her old cookie cutter lifestyle stand in her way of happiness?
    Plot: This is above all a romance between Woolf and Callie. But I really like how their relationship seamlessly blends in the struggles Woolf has with his responsibilities and the curiosity Callie has of Woolf’s sexual lifestyle.
    Writing: This novel is told in first person points of view of Woolf and Callie. It is the first in the Wicked Horse series and can be read as a standalone.
    Curb Appeal: I love, love, love this amazing cover! It connects with the story and looks freaking awesome! The blurb gives a good rundown on the background of the main character but doesn’t convey how deep each character is.
    Ultimately: I was pleasantly surprised at how well the western/rancher angle of this novel melded with the BDSM/sex club angle! I really came to love these characters and how they overcame the struggles they were saddled with. All in all, if you are in the mood for story that fogs up your screen with steam then come check out how the Wicked Fall!!!!!



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