Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis by Anne Rice

Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis (The Vampire Chronicles #12)

  • By Anne Rice
  • Editions: ebook, hardcover, paperback
  • Published: November 29th 2016 by Knopf
  • Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy
  • Source: Edelweiss
  • In a Flutter: Interesting reading experience
  • rating-system3

    At the novel’s center: the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt, hero, leader, inspirer, irresistible force, irrepressible spirit, battling (and ultimately reconciling with) a strange otherworldly form that has somehow taken possession of Lestat’s undead body and soul. This ancient and mysterious power and unearthly spirit of vampire lore has all the force, history, and insidious reach of the unknowable Universe.
    It is through this spirit, previously considered benign for thousands of vampire years and throughout the Vampire Chronicles, that we come to be told the hypnotic tale of a great sea power of ancient times; a mysterious heaven on earth situated on a boundless continent–and of how and why, and in what manner and with what far-reaching purpose, this force came to build and rule the great legendary empire of centuries ago that thrived in the Atlantic Ocean.
    And as we learn of the mighty, far-reaching powers and perfections of this lost kingdom of Atalantaya, the lost realms of Atlantis, we come to understand its secrets, and how and why the vampire Lestat, indeed all the vampires, must reckon so many millennia later with the terrifying force of this ageless, all-powerful Atalantaya spirit.


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    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: The world we know and love of the Vampire Chronicles returns and is enriched by the addition of the People of the Purpose and their Parents, so sci-fi-ish elements mixed in with paranormal and lots of tension. Very interesting!
    Characters:I’ve been fascinated with Anne Rice’s vampires since I was 7 yo and I saw Interview with the Vampire at the cinema – that’s when I fell irrevocably in love with paranormal/urban fantasy elements. I always had a soft spot for Lestat, and Marius. The whole cast of vampires is interesting. I even liked Roshamandes, lol! And the People of the Purpose were so very interesting as concept! I loved the perspective they brought on the world of vampires.
    Plot: The story was interesting, involving some mystery, re-interpretations of myths and legends, but a lot of storytelling as opposed to action. It had an odd, slow-motion feel, a dreamy quality. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t as exciting overall as the last part was.
    Writing: Mix of first person and third person past tense narrative, multiple POVs – though it’s Lestat’s quite a lot.
    Curb Appeal: Nice cover, interesting blurb – but the main hook is my love for the series and Anne Rice’s work, tbh.

    Reading Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis was a very interesting experience. There were bittersweet moments, touching ones too, a lot of emotions. It was an experience unlike others, and I’m happy I embarked on it.
    I recommend it to faithful lovers of the series and to fans of Anne Rice’s work. It wasn’t the most exciting read, maybe, but it was a very pleasant one.


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