Indie Flutters: In the Ring by Rie Warren & Excerpt

In the Ring (Boxer #1)

  • By Rie Warren
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: December 5th 2016
  • Genre: MxM Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Source: review copy
  • In a Flutter: Having the courage to be proud of yourself!
  • rating-system4

    The biggest fight of his life isn’t . . . In the Ring.
    The bright lights. The roaring crowd. The chance at a championship belt. The not-so-little secret Liam Shaughnessy—the Bonny Bruiser—is fighting to keep tucked far away.
    Liam got the pussy pounded out of him on the mean streets of Cin-city—the other Sin City. The oldest in a Catholic clan where his da never pulled any punches, he went from geek boy to the golden boy of the boxing world care of his fists. Liam’s on the fast track to having it all . . . all except the one man he wants.
    Michael Fairweather makes pretending to be hetero goddamn difficult for Liam. The man is blond and beautiful and just so happens to be Liam’s trainer. With a penchant for doing shirtless yoga, giving midnight massages to loosen Liam’s muscles, and sometimes even taking it out in the ring with him. To say Liam has porn-style fantasies about Michael is an understatement.
    Michael’s out and proud. Liam’s only proud of what he can do in the ring. He can’t risk his career, least of all for someone unavailable. Michael has a lover. Liam has the lies he lives every day. And when his money-grubbing manager gets involved as the title win approaches, Liam doesn’t know what hit him.
    Fight to win. Fight with honor. It won’t be easy, but that’s okay. Nothing worth fighting for ever is.

    ~ Goodreads


    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: This story takes place all over the United States at different venues for Liam’s boxing matches.
    Characters: The main characters are Michael Fairweather and Liam Shaughnessy. Liam is a rising star in the boxing sphere and he refuses to be brought down by anything or anyone. But it’s getting harder and harder to keep his secret and cool around his trainer, Michael. All he should be concentrating on is winning the heavyweight belt, unfortunately focusing on training is damn near impossible with his blonde sex god trainer touching him. Can Liam achieve his dreams that he has worked so hard for, and finally have his happy ending? Or will having his personal happiness cost him his career? Michael has never seen a more beautiful specimen of a man before meeting Liam. Regrettably Liam is straight, or so Michael thinks. After some spine-tingling revelations, Michael is happier than he thought he’d ever be. But there’s one problem: Michael is out and proud and will never go back into the closet for anybody. Can Michael convince Liam that everything will be okay if he will just be true to himself? Or will Liam choose his career over their happiness?
    Plot: This is mainly a romance between the main characters but it also delves into career highs and lows, as well as learning to accept one’s true self.
    Writing: This story is told in first person point of view of Liam. I always love having a guy’s point of view and Rie always does a great job of capturing their voice!
    Curb Appeal: This cover is any and everything I can think of for this novel! It represents Liam and the story perfectly! The blurb gives such a great rundown on what the situation is without giving everything away.
    Ultimately: I really enjoyed this sports romance! I definitely wished that this series had a continuation! Liam had many different facets to him and I really liked his character! All in all, if you are in the mood for some ridiculously steamy chemistry between the main characters and a story that captures what it means to be out and proud, then come check out In the Ring!!!!!


    “You boys ’bout done?” the ref called over.
    I breathed long and deep, peering through damp hair at Michael.
    He shook his head. “Nah.”
    The total body torment went on and on. Neither of us cried mercy. If he was pissed off, so was I. I just wasn’t sure what I’d done to make him go all pow-pow-pow on me. I didn’t really much care. The scent of his clean perspiration was as much of an aphrodisiac as the visual of his sweating body.
    I blocked a vicious jab to my face. “You’re being a dick.”
    He spun away before my fist connected with his stomach. “Back atcha.”
    If he wanted me, he sure had a funny way of showing it. Killing someone via sheer bodily torture didn’t usually lead to love scenes or make-out sessions. Anya was way the fuck off the mark there.
    “What’s your beef, bro?” I gasped after a particularly stinging punch.
    “I think you should be more discreet.” He whipped his head out of the way just as my left hook whistled past.
    “With Anya. And the other women. Or all the women, if you really like Anya.”
    “Kidding me?”
    He jogged in front of me on his feet. Left, right, left, right. “Nope.”
    “This is about Anya?”
    “Bull and shit.” I kicked his legs out from under him and followed him down to the mat.
    I didn’t cock my fist to beat his face, but only because it was too pretty to injure.
    I restrained his massive thighs with my knees. “You’re beginning to sound like Dev.”
    “Call! That move is not allowed,” the ringside ref shouted.
    “’S’okay. We’re not playing by the rules here, are we, Michael?”
    “Nope.” His hips bucked up, and his crotch hit my growing hardness.
    Holy shit.
    I aligned my torso with his. Lowering myself another inch over him, I imagined Mikey bare and begging beneath me, our cocks thrusting together.
    “Dev’s a slick Mick.” His chest pumped up and he tried to push me off him.
    “He’s not even a true Mick and PS. that’s an insult to my Irish upbringing, preppy motherfucker.” I pushed down on his shoulders.
    “Get up, you big bastard.” With no warning at all Michael spanked my ass hard.
    A resounding smack rang through the air.
    His eyes widened.
    Mine almost rolled back in my head.
    That was so hot. I’d never imagined him slapping my ass before.
    I pumped against him once then reared back in horror.
    Finally the pinched-sphincter expression he’d worn all day relaxed. He licked his lips in a slow motion move I wanted to repeat with my tongue on his mouth.
    “Come on, man. Let’s hit the showers.” He bucked against me one more time, and I swear to fuck there was an extra, slow-grinding motion to his hips.
    “What?” I croaked.
    “You stink, you fucker. Get off me so we can get showered up.”
    Oh yay. Because both of us getting naked with water and suds is a great idea. You’ll drop the bar of soap between my legs and stoop down to scoop it up . . .



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