Indie Flutters: Whispers and the Roars by K. Webster

Whispers and the Roars

  • By K. Webster
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: December 6th 2016
  • Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Source: own copy
  • In a Flutter: Achingly Beautiful!
  • rating-system5

    When my eyes are closed, the monster can’t ever see me.
    When I sing a song in my head, the monster can’t ever hear me.
    When I pretend my bedroom is a playground where I play hide and seek, the monster can’t ever find me.
    The darkness should frighten me.
    I should worry I’ll find more monsters…monsters scarier than him.
    But I’m not afraid.
    It’s safe here.
    When I’m inside of my head…
    He. Can’t. Ever. Touch. Me.
    Whispers and the Roars is a dark romance. Strong sexual themes and violence, which could trigger emotional distress are found in this story. The abuse written in this story is graphic and not glossed over which could be upsetting to some. Proceed with caution. This story is NOT for everyone.

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    So, this review is going to be a little different. I’m not supposed to give anything away about this novel so it’s going to be pretty difficult to review but this story deserves to be shared with everyone! The author asked that everyone reading this story and reviewing it, to not give any spoilers but I’m going to give just a tiny tid bit, so you guys can understand who this novel is about.
    This is a story about a girl named Kady and she is so amazing. Everything she went through and was going through made this novel one of the bests I have read this year. Her journey ripped me to shreds and pieced be back together again. It was so achingly beautiful that I probably ugly cried for the whole second half of the novel. I couldn’t help but devour it in one sitting and the way it was written really made the story shine!
    I have to admit the first half of the novel I was skeptical that I would actually like this story. It was kind of confusing and moved a little slow but I promise if you stick with it, you will fall in love with these characters and take something away from this story! I also have to say that I have read other novels by K. Webster such as the War & Peace series and I didn’t feel like this story was that much of a dark romance. At least compared to other dark romances I have read this story seemed to be on the lighter side.
    Ultimately, I’m so glad I took a leap and decided to read this novel!! Everything about this story made my heart ache and soar at the same time! I recommend not reading any spoilers and to just go in with an open mind and let this story take you on a journey! All in all, this is an amazing love story that endured, was patient, and above all else was kind, please check out this story and I promise you won’t regret it!!!!



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