Blossoms & Flutters: The Boy Next Door by Ella James

The Boy Next Door (Off-Limits Romance #2)

  • By Ella James
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: May 10th 2017 by HEA Press
  • Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
  • Source: own copy
  • In a Flutter: Coming clean and enjoying life!
  • rating-system4

    The boy next door. That’s what he was. Dash Frasier—my hero from the day we met, when I was six and he was nine. His sister was my best friend, the three of us one happy crew. Then one sweaty summer night changed everything.
    No one understood me like Dash. No one made me feel so loved. That’s why, when he skipped town, it wrecked me.
    Now I’m older. Wiser. I’ve just snagged my dream job, writing at a film studio. The lead animator on my project? You guessed it.
    He’s not the boy next door. Not anymore.
    I’m guarding my heart this time.
    But Dash has secrets that could break us both.

    ~ Goodreads


    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: This story takes place in downtown Nashville, Tennessee as well as Chatham Hills, Georgia.
    Characters: The main characters in this novel are Dash Frasier and Amelia Frank. Amelia just landed her dream internship as a children’s writer at Imagine Luxe. The only issue is the boy who loved her as a teenager and left her, is her boss. Interacting with him and acting like it isn’t killing her is the hardest thing she has ever had to do. But soon it all becomes too much and the questions she’s had for years start bubbling to the surface. Can Amelia get her answers she so desperately wants? Or will Dash keep the past in the past and turn his back on their future?
    Plot: This is a second chance romance between Dash and Amelia. There is the underlying story of why it didn’t work out in the past.
    Writing: This novel is written in first person points of view of Dash and Amelia, as well as past/present view. It is the second standalone novel in the Off-Limits Romance series.
    Curb Appeal: I love this cover and it is definite eye candy! The blurb gives a good background on the situation but leaves everything else a surprise!
    Ultimately: I really enjoyed this novel! I wasn’t expecting the twists and turns and how much I enjoyed these characters. Dash was really sweet in his own way and Amelia was strong forgiving heroine. All in all, if you are in the mood for a second chance romance that pulls you in and doesn’t let you go then come check out The Boy Next Door!!!

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