Blossoms & Flutters: Her Wicked Longing by Lauren Smith

Her Wicked Longing (The League of Rogues #5)

  • By Lauren Smith
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: July 24th 2017
  • Genre: New Adult Historical Romance
  • Source: own copy
  • In a Flutter: Taking a walk on the wild side!!
  • rating-system5

    Her Wicked Longing contains two new short teaser stories starring Audrey Sheridan and her maid Gillian Beaumont!
    What trouble can a young lady with a talent for mischief and her maid get into in just one day?

    His Wicked Maid-
    Always prim and proper, lady’s maid Gillian Beaumont has never acted with wild abandon the way her young headstrong mistress does. But deep down she dreams of a life filled with love and a husband who will give her his whole heart even though she knows it’s impossible. With a list of chores from her mistress, Gillian is given the chance to live the life of a gentle lady, and she clings to it, knowing that soon it will be over. While wearing a dress meant for her lady, she catches the eye of a handsome earl and is swept away from her duties by his rakish good looks and charm. Heated looks in public and passionate kisses in a dark corner of a bookshop create a perfect day for Gillian to cling to when she returns to her real life…

    Her Wicked Lessons-
    Determined to learn the art of the spy trade, Miss Audrey Sheridan, finds a way to escape a dull afternoon tea by running off to the residence of an infamous French Courtesan. Hoping to improve her French for a future mission to the continent, she never expects to be caught by the one man who haunts her dreams: Jonathan St. Laurent, the former servant-turned-brother of a duke. With one penetrating look from those bewitching green eyes of his, Audrey knows she’s in trouble. Unable and unwilling to confess her real reason for visiting a French courtesan, Audrey decides to convinces Jonathan she’s there to learn the art of seduction. But she never expects the devilish rogue to take her lessons seriously…
    *Note: These are short stories of under 10,000 words that will prepare readers for Gillian’s happily ever after in The Earl of Pembroke and Audrey’s happily ever after in His Wicked Secret.

    ~ Goodreads

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    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: hese stories take place in London, in and around the Sheridan home, in the 1800s.
    Characters: The main characters in this novella are Gillian Beaumont and Audrey Sheridan. Gillian is Miss Sheridan’s lady maid and always the voice of reason. But just once in her life she would love to act her age and be swept away by a handsome gentleman. Unfortunately acting recklessly is her lady’s job not Gillian’s. As she goes through the list of things Miss Sheridan has asked her to do, Gillian meets a handsome stranger while dressed as a genteel lady and gets swept up in a white lie. Can Gillian get out of her precarious situation before she is found out? Or will her lies come tumbling down as well as her job? Audrey is a firecracker and cleverer than her whole family realizes. She wants more out of this life than just being a wife even though she has her eye set on a certain someone. Unfortunately, she is convinced that he does not reciprocate her feelings in the slightest. Being around him is torture but it’s the sweetest torture she knows. As she tries to keep her mind occupied with her newest endeavor, her certain someone catches her by surprise and seduces her beyond her wildest dreams. The only problem is Audrey wants more but she isn’t sure if he does too. Can she finally admit her feelings to him and take a chance on a wild and freeing love? Or will their feelings get lost in communication and both end up losing out on a grand adventure?
    Plot: These short stories are to prepare readers for Gillian’s happily ever after in The Earl of Pembroke, as well as Audrey’s happily ever after in His Wicked Secret.
    Writing: These stories are told in third person points of view of Gillian Beaumont and Lord Pembroke as well as Audrey Sheridan and Mr. St. Laurent. This is the fifth novel in the League of Rogue series and must be read in order.
    Curb Appeal: This cover works for both heroines and it fits with the overall theme of the series! The blurb pretty much tells everything that happens in both short stories although a few major points are left out!
    Ultimately: I’m so excited for Audrey and Gillian’s stories! There has been a huge build up for Audrey’s story but I’m pleasantly surprised that Gillian is going to have a story as well!! These short stories were a great insight into each heroine’s life and what might be expected when you read their full-length novels! All in all, if you love the League of Rogue series or historical romances in general, these stories are a no brainer on what to read next!!!!

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