Grave Ransom by Kalayna Price & Excerpt

Grave Ransom (Alex Craft #5)

  • By Kalayna Price
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Expected publication: July 31st 2017 by Penguin Books
  • Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: Wow!
  • rating-system5

    Grave witch Alex Craft is no stranger to the dead talking. She raises shades, works with ghosts, and is dating Death himself. But the dead walking? That’s not supposed to happen. And yet, reanimated corpses are committing crimes across Nekros City.
    Alex’s investigation leads her deep into a web of sinister magic. When Briar Darque of the Magical Crimes Investigation Bureau gets involved, Alex finds herself with an unexpected ally of sorts. But as the dead continue to rise and wreak havoc on the living, can Alex get to the soul of the matter in time?

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    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: Nekros City was a fabulous place. The magic system is awesome, the setting is vibrant and exciting, plus all sorts of witches, fae, some zombies, collectors – so much goodies!
    Characters: Alex was really easy to like. I mean, aside having her own castle, lol, I love investigators, I love witches, and I love funny, witty characters. Alex is all of that and more. She felt very authentic, had an inquisitive mind, she was compassionate, and she had her head on straight – took decisions that I could understand, and that made sense in a realistic way.
    I loved many characters, Death included, but the whole cast living in the castle is a riot.
    Plot: The mystery part of the story was very engaging and full of action. There’s a romantic element which leads to a bit of a predictable heartbreak (Death, sigh), but it was a lovely ride anyways. The story was full of action and I loved every twist and turn.
    Writing: First person past tense narrative, Alex’s POV.
    Curb Appeal: Cool cover, hooking blurb – impulsive buy material for my UF cravings.

    This was my first Alex Craft read, but I didn’t feel out of the loop (though I’m sure I missed a lot of fun in the previous titles of the series). I recommend Grave Ransom to fans of private eye stories, witches, and charming casts of characters. Big like!


    Chapter One
    The first time I realized I could feel corpses, I had nightmares for a week. I was a child at the time, so that was understandable. These days I was accustomed to the clammy reach of the grave that lifted from dead bodies. To the eerie feeling of my own innate magic responding and filling me with the unrequested knowledge of how recently the person died, their gender, and the approximate age they were at death. When I anticipated encountering a corpse, I tightened my mental shields and worked at keeping my magic at bay. Usually that was only necessary at places like graveyards, the morgue, and funeral homes—places one might expect to find a body.
    I never expected to feel a corpse walking across the street in the middle of the Magic Quarter.
    “Alex? I’ve lost you, haven’t I?” Tamara, one of my best friends and my current lunchmate, asked. She sighed, twisting in her seat to scan the sidewalk beyond the small outdoor sitting area of the café where we were eating. “Huh. Which one is he? I may be married and knocked up, but I know a good-looking man when I see one, and girl, I don’t see one. Who are you staring at?”
    “That guy,” I said, nodding my head at a man in a brown suit crossing the street.
    Tamara glanced at the squat, middle-aged man who was more than a little soft in the middle and then cocked an eyebrow at me. “I’ve seen what you have at home, so I take it this is business. Did you bring one of your cases to our lunch?”
    I ignored the “at home” comment, as that situation was more than a little complicated, and shook my head. “My case docket is clear,” I said absently, and let my senses stretch. When I concentrated, I could feel grave essence reaching from corpses in my vicinity. All corpses. There were decades of dead and decaying rats in the sewer below the streets, and smaller creatures like insects that barely made a blip on my radar, but like called to like, and my magic zeroed in on the man.
    “He’s dead,” I said, and even to me my voice sounded unsure.
    Tamara blinked at me, likely waiting for me to reveal the joke. Instead I pushed out of my seat as the man turned up the street. Tamara grabbed my arm.
    “I’m the lead medical examiner for Nekros City, and I can tell you with ninety-nine point nine percent certainty that the man walking down the street is very much alive.” She put extra emphasis on the word “walking,” and on any other day, I would have agreed with her.
    My own eyes agreed with her. But my magic, that part of me that touched the grave, that could piece together shades from the memories left in every cell of a body, disagreed. That man, walking or not, was a corpse. Granted, he was a fresh one—the way he felt to my magic told me he couldn’t have been dead more than an hour. But he was dead.
    So how the hell had he just walked into the Museum of Magic and the Arcane?
    I dropped enough crumpled dollars on the table to cover my portion of the bill and tip before weaving around tables and out of the café seating. Behind me, Tamara grumbled under her breath, but after a moment I heard her chair slide back as she pushed away from the table. I didn’t wait for her to follow me out as I all but sprinted across the street to catch up with the walking corpse.
    The museum’s wards tingled along my skin as I stepped through the threshold. I’d been inside the museum a few times, and the collection of rare and unusual artifacts from both pre- and post-awakening was impressive, but I was a sensitive, capable of sensing magic, and between all the security wards and the artifacts themselves, the museum tended to be overwhelming. Definitely migraine-inducing in large doses. I noted that the magic in the air was particularly biting today, like one of the security wards had recently been triggered. I sucked in an almost pained breath, trying to adjust to the sudden crush of magic all around me. The extra sting of the deployed ward didn’t help.
    I should have walked the extra few steps to clear the entrance wards.


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