Ashes Reborn by Keri Arthur

Ashes Reborn (Souls of Fire #4)

  • By Keri Arthur
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Expected publication: September 5th 2017 by Berkley
  • Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: Cool mix of elements!
  • rating-system4

    The clock is ticking as Emberly—a phoenix capable of taking human form—races to take revenge against the sadistic and mysterious Rinaldo. The elusive rebel leader threatens to keep killing until he is given all of the research about a plaguelike virus derived from vampire blood.
    Forced to reach out to the Paranormal Investigations Team for help, Emberly and her partner, Jackson, must decide who to trust as they follow the trail of dead bodies. When classified information is leaked and their safe house is ambushed, Emberly’s suspicions are confirmed—someone at PIT has betrayed them.
    A final battle looms and Emberly will need to command all her powers—or watch the world turn to ash….

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    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: Melbourne setting. The world is full of paranormal elements like vampires, weres, witches, magic, fae, phoenixes even!
    Characters: Emberly was sweet enough, all caring and vindictive, plus kind of a shameless flirt – just the way I love my heroines xD She was also deliciously tortured with the whole curse of a failed love every lifetime. She was a woman of action and I loved that about her. She did her thing and took care of business in a smart, right kind of way. Help was cool and useful, ofc, because she was also reasonable and smart.
    Jackson was a riot, a really cool sidekick, and the true shameless flirt that would put any other flirt to shame, lol. Sam was all smoldering hot deliciousness. Rory was awesome too.
    Plot: The mysteryof what Rinaldo wanted and then getting him was tense and complex, with a lot of action as the went about figuring things out. There was a romance tangent here, but only the “maybe getting back together” bit, and I’m sure the previous bits are in the previous novels in the series – which I didn’t read, this is my first -. The smexation galore vibe sort of put me off, but not enough to ruin my enjoyment of the story.
    Writing: First person past tense narrative, Emberly’s POV.
    Curb Appeal: Cool cover, hooking blurb – impulsive buy material for my UF-craving moods.

    I recommend Ashes Reborn to fans of UF private investigators, complicated love stories with twists and turns that extend over more than one title in the series, and uncommon paranormal beings.


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