Magicians Impossible by Brad Abraham

Magicians Impossible (Magicians Impossible #1)

  • By Brad Abraham
  • Editions: audiobook, ebook, hardcover, paperback
  • Expected publication: September 12th 2017 by Thomas Dunne Books
  • Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy
  • Source: NetGalley
  • In a Flutter: Nuanced and action-packed
  • rating-system5

    Bartender Jason Bishop’s world is shattered when his estranged father Daniel seemingly commits suicide, but the greater shock comes when he learns his father was a secret agent in the employ of the Invisible Hand; an ancient society of spies wielding magic in a centuries-spanning war. Now the Golden Dawn; the shadowy cabal of witches and warlocks responsible for Daniel Bishop’s murder, and the death of Jason’s mother years before, have Jason in their sights. His survival will depend on mastering his own dormant magic abilities; provided he makes it through the training.
    From New York, to Paris, to worlds between worlds, Jason’s journey through the realm of magic will be fraught with peril. But with enemies and allies on both sides of this war, whom can he trust? The Invisible Hand, who’ve been more of a family than his own family ever was? The Golden Dawn, who may know the secrets behind his mysterious lineage? For Jason Bishop, only one thing is for certain; the magic he has slowly been mastering is telling him not to trust anybody.

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    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: Wow! A New York world of mages, sorcerers, lies, magic, and mayhem. The Invisible Hand and their Citadel – what a cool concept! – versus the Golden Dawn made for a nuanced and intriguing world full of tension and unexpected twists. The journey took us to Cold Spring, and even Paris and the Louvre. Very fun!
    Characters: I loved Damon King from the first two lines of the novel. He’s badass and charismatic, all calm and deadly. There’s something so cool about his deck of cards xD
    After Damon’s entrance in the spotlight, Jason appeared sweet and harmless by comparison. He was vulnerable, yet there was a vibe about him that said hes strong and has a lot of potential. He’s lost a lot and my heart went out to him. But there’s a naivete about him, as the good guy who wants to see the good in people. As life tends to teach us, these kinds of people are in for a big disappointment. But I liked how he handled himself, how he stuck to his values and morals. He grew as events unfolded, but still kept those core values, and I loved him for it.
    Plot: The intrigue of the power struggle between order and chaos was very gripping, and very nuanced as things came to light. I love the ambiguity Brad Abraham unleashed upon us unsuspecting readers, lol. The story had a very active tempo, and the stars of the novel were the battle scenes – absolutely cinematic and highly immersive.
    Writing: Third person, past tense narrative, mostly Jason’s POV. I liked his voice (though less than Damon’s irreverent one, hehe) and his sense of humor was ofc a plus.
    Curb Appeal: Fabulous cover, hooking blurb- impulsive buy material for my UF cravings.

    I recommend Magicians Impossible to fans of immersive magic battle and cool plot twists. I’m really looking forward to more in this world and refuse to consider the fact this might not be the first in a series.


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