Indie Flutters: Pretty Lost Dolls by Ker Dukey & K. Webster

Pretty Lost Dolls (Pretty Little Dolls #2)

  • By Ker Dukey & K. Webster
  • Editions: ebook, paperback
  • Published: November 28th 2016
  • Genre: Adult Dark Romantic Suspense
  • Source: own copy
  • In a Flutter: Fighting with everything you got!!!
  • rating-system4

    Benny had a dolly who was sick, sick, sick.
    Just like him, his dolly needed darkness as a fix, fix, fix.
    So they tormented and hunted and played tricks, tricks, tricks.
    Together their sins a lethal mix, mix, mix.
    Until Benny missed his dolly who was lost, lost, lost.
    He needed to find her and love her at any cost, cost, cost.
    Not wanting him and his dolly to be alone, lone, lone.
    He made plans to bring his dirty dolly, home, home, home.
    Have you ever touched another’s soul with the essence of your own, breathed them in so they become apart of you?
    I have.
    Finally starting to live, feel and fall in love, amongst all the chaos surrounding me.
    Dropping my guard and letting another into my heart.
    I left my soul open.
    I left my heart open.
    I left the door open.
    And he stole me.
    Dillon…I’m sorry.

    ~ Goodreads

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    Fluttering Thoughts:

    Worldbuilding: This story takes place in a small town of middle America.
    Characters: The main characters in this novel are Benny and Jade Philips. His dirty dolly is back. After all these years Benny has finally gotten his best dolly home. Only she doesn’t want to stay and he can’t comprehend why she would want to leave him. But it’s only a matter of time until he breaks her down into the perfect obedient dolly he knows she can be. Unfortunately, there are people who do not like that plan, some on the outside and some within. Can Benny keep his perfectly demented kingdom together? Or will his twisted domain become everyone’s downfall? Jade is strong. She might be captured but she isn’t that young naive girl any more. She’s going to escape again and this time take her beloved sister Macy with her. Only, Macy isn’t the same little sister she remembers and if anything has turned into a sociopath. Can Jade convince Macy to forgive her for leaving her all those years ago? As well as convince Macy to work with her to escape? Or will Jade be leaving empty handed once again?
    Plot: This story starts where the first one left off. This novel delves deeper into Benny’s past as well as his mind. There are also other players who are introduced who help with the dark overall story arc.
    Writing: This novel is written in first person points of view of Benny and Jade. It is the second novel in the Pretty Little Dolls series and cannot be read as a standalone.
    Curb Appeal: This cover is crazy! It completely embodies Benny and the story as a whole! The blurb gives a little information on what happened if you can read between the lines.
    Ultimately: This story was pretty nuts! It was a perfect follow up to Pretty Stolen Dolls and I loved finding out more about Benny! I was happy with the happily ever after but he cliffhanger was crazy! All in all, if you are in the mood for a seriously strong heroine and a villain who just won’t quit then come check out Pretty Lost Dolls!!!



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